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RE: Reggie Middleton responds to my post about "Analysis of the Veritaseum Scam"

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Reggie is well known has been interviewed many times, he's been on the Keiser report as well. Clif High says Veritaseum is one of the most important cryptos of the entire lot and will overtake Ether and will be $500 shortly and $5000 in a few years.

Our data sets continue to have Veritaseum rated as the real star of the crazy cryptocurrency 2017. It's luster will be outshone later, but does not fade as modelspace is progressed through the rest of this year and into mid 2018 (limit of anything laughingly like reliability). Stated another way, the data that describes the 'veritaseum' data sets first seen in late 2016 (in forecast form, that is to say with our predictive linguistics emotive engine – aka 'woo-woo') still maintains its current upward (emotionally) trajectory out to the limit of our view which is mid 2018.

As was forecast in previous bare naked Wealth reports, the Veritaseum tokens have both had 'private brokers', and 'rental pools' spring up. These trends are expected to continue until we have some (albeit minor to begin) social status for 'private crypto brokers', as well as 'rental agents' for the Veritaseum tokens. The data sets have extremely long range forecasts for both categories to be very lucrative professions in just a few years. And both show as involving Veritaseum at a core level for years.

It's highly unlikely to be a scam. I have followed this project from 2013/14, I could be wrong but I don't think so.


“ our predictive linguistics emotive engine..”

SMH at this. This whole thing has been targeted at people who have the most tenuous grasp on the internet, and indeed technology in general, and have no hope of understanding crptocurrency and related technologies.. in other word those who read the above sentence without their BS sensors going off. This is the core audience of this Clif High guy, Max Keiser, and their network of shills.

Do you do everything Clif High tells you to do?

Lets hope not. That wack job has been wrong about so many things.

I read his monthly Crypto reports and they are so accurate it's unreal.

and I say BTC will be worth 271,234.07 USD on July 27th 2018, ETH will be worth exactly 404,576.01 USD on April 3rd 2018 .... why? because ICAN! Which does not mean I will be right. As everybody can say anything and everything...
I would be way more interested HOW CliffHigh can back up his idea...
There is so many predictions about which Crypto gonna be how much worth in the future .... based on WHAT? ...
Or is it just to sound clever or like an expert? (maybe it is also a good marketing trick to get those who think they might have missed the chance when BTC was worth 1 USD..... and now they get greedy ....)

I think it is less important to shout out a number, but more important to understand the concept and the possible chance of a new technology. And maybe find real life cases.
An investment should be based on that. My opinion.

That may be just a tad OTT but I guess time will tell.

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