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A series designed to help all the new people flooding into & entering Crypto/Investments daily who get thrown into the rabbit hole so to speak and everything is new to them.

Bitshares 101 Focus/Resources Section for New Crypto Folks now included near the end of each post - starting just prior to Christmas 2017. BTS is a Decentralized Exchange and much more. Very undervalued!

It is a TLDR / Short Form Series, covering ONLY one thing each episode in blue collar, easy to understand language to give a SHORT OVERVIEW of the term or lesson of the day.

It is specifically designed this way to keep it short and simple.

People can then search out extra info if they wish.

I've never seen a regular series or resource running on Steemit to continually address this basic need so I decided to do it.


What is....

' Futures Contract ' ?


A futures contract is a legal agreement, generally made on the trading floor of a futures exchange, to buy or sell a particular commodity or financial instrument at a predetermined price at a specified time in the future. Futures contracts are standardized to facilitate trading on a futures exchange and, depending on the underlying asset being traded, detail the quality and quantity of the commodity.


Breaking Down...

' Futures Contract ' :


Some futures contracts may call for physical delivery of the asset, while others are settled in cash.

The terms "futures contract" and "futures" refer to essentially the same thing. For example, you might hear somebody say he bought oil futures, which means the same thing as an oil futures contract. To get more specific, one could say that a futures contract refers only to the specific characteristics of the underlying asset being traded, while "futures" is more general and can also refer to the overall market as in: "He's a futures trader."

-- Example of Futures Contracts:

Futures contracts are used by two categories of market participants: hedgers and speculators. Producers or purchasers of an underlying asset hedge or guarantee the price at which the commodity is sold or purchased, while portfolio managers or traders may also make a bet on the price movements of an underlying asset using futures.

Many different assets have futures contracts available. Futures contracts on dozens of different major stock market indices around the world are traded, as well as futures on the major currency pairs and major interest rates. As for commodities, a large number of contracts are available for just about every commodity produced. For example, industrial metals, precious metals, oil, natural gas and other energy products, oils, seeds, grains, livestock and even carbon credits all have tradable futures contracts available.

-- Mechanics of a Futures Contract:

Imagine an oil producer plans to produce 1 million barrels of oil ready for delivery in exactly 365 days. Assume the current price is $50 per barrel. The producer could take a gamble, produce the oil, and then sell it at the current market prices one year from today. Given the volatility of oil prices, the market price at that time could be at any level. Instead of taking chances, the oil producer could lock-in a guaranteed sale price by entering into a futures contract. A mathematical model is used to price futures, which takes into account the current spot price, the risk-free rate of return, time to maturity, storage costs, dividends, dividend yields and convenience yields. Assume that the one-year oil futures contracts are priced at $53 per barrel. By entering into this contract, in one year, the producer is obligated to deliver 1 million barrels of oil and is guaranteed to receive $53 million. The $53 price per barrel is received regardless of where spot market prices are at the time.

Your Friend in Liberty, Barry.

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Bitshares 101 Focus/Resources Section:

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-- Bitshares is a Trading platform, and a LOT more.... designed by blockchain wizard here Dan Larimer - @dan / @dantheman.

I've blogged on him, and BTS many many times.

It's a place you can use that is decentralized, with an active community, to use trading lessons like this, that we are learning together.

Just a few of my past $BTS blogs....

to help you apply lessons today!


Thanks for reading, have a nice day.

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Thank you for the excellent source of information barry! Congratulations to your steemit success as well!

if Bitshare coin is so awesome then why on EARTH did it fall off a cliff today? Did all of those massive sellers today not know or understand this about BITSHARES? Or is this some type of hedge-fund price manipulation, shaking of the tree to try and scare everybody out of the coin? I do not give even one crap, I am holding AND I almost doubled my entire position and averaged down on BTS. I still would love to know why BITTREX delisted it though, and why everybody is getting scared out of this coin. makes no sense to me with this awesome tech they have. Only thing I can think of is that somebody is scared, possible manipulation due to just how awesome this coin really is........


I don't have all the answers, it has been on a nice run.

It's crypto man, a bit of the wild west every day.

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