We’ve been thinking that for the past 10 years though. So it may extend out a bit longer still.

SOooo very true, I used to think to myself, why buy property it’s gonna collapse!Gotta buy gold , silver etc, totally fell for that scam, not to say it CAN’T happen, it can be kept propped up for ages, as you said.

I was following Martin Armstrong since 2012 and he was clearly screaming to get out of gold and that it was going to drop to $1050, which it did. And he was screaming to get into the DJIA because it was going to 26,000 which it did. He says gold can go as high as $5000 but it will only rise when the people start to realize that the governments are in going to default. Most people do not think this yet. My current plan is to sell BTC (and STEEM) later this year at $30+k (and STEEM above $10 probably $15+) and buy gold. Then I will repurchase crypto in 2020 or so after it has reached bottom in the next crypto winter.

Four months later, the collapse is accelerating.

It always begins at the periphery economics and the contagion spreads to the larger nations. USA will be last to fall because owns the international reserve currency status which will transition to Bitcoin after 2024.


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