U.S.A. (and probably all Western countries) heading into political crises no later than 2024.


The USA could very well fall into conflict in 2024 if a Republican is elected. If a Democrat is elected, everything will be fine, Republicans won't act like leftists are acting now. But if a Republican wins for a third time in a row, they will lose all control. Hell, they're acting fairly despicably already, and we haven't had Trump for 2 years yet.

In the end, though, the U.S. electorate has gotten us to the point, I hardly expect them to suddenly decide that they should seek out representatives who want to control spending, clamp down on illegal immigration, reform legal immigration, stop caving in to the BLM, etc.

What about the scenario where the leftists gain control over the Congress and the Presidency and start persecuting conservatives? They see what Trump did to target California by disallowing more than a $10,000 deduction for state income and property taxes paid from each individual’s federal taxes. This is cutting off the indirect federal funding for California’s collapsing socialism.

If the leftists regain legislative control, they will go berserk raising taxes to punishing levels, redistributing federal spending from red to blue regions (i.e. free everything to illegals and punishing taxes on hardworking white males), opening flood gates of immigration, and passing federal laws that undermine conservative communities. At that point, I can see the conservatives realizing they have no choice but to start civil disobedience. And the hot war escalates from skirmishes.

For example the leftists may pass a gun confiscation law. And start to attempt to enforce it. They could ignore the Constitution, perhaps do something crazy like disband the, assassinate, or remove conservative judges from the Supreme Court.

Or they could simply arrest and jail Trump. That might be enough to set off conservatives.

Everything is going to become more unhinged as the economy collapses.

In summary, the level of ideological hate between progressives and conservatives has reached the boiling point. Remember the left is supported by those that don’t produce. The left gains its power by knocking over the apple cart and promising ideological nirvana to those who live in la la land. So the left must always move further to the left and can’t moderate. At the end game, it must go totalitarian.

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