#MinnowsUnite Discord Server Officially Up!

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Calling all minnows!

Do you need help with questions about Steemit? Would you like to find other individuals trying to grow as a community? Do you need a place to promote your posts?

Then come join our minnow pond and help us all grow as one!

Steemit.Chat is having issues, so we've set up a secondary chat on Discord!


All dolphins and whales are welcome as well, community is inclusive - not exclusive - and we can only grow through the help of each other!

shark n minnows.jpg


PALPABLE POPE Ypyskypo Skwyrl, the Y'sas
Loser of Found Souls, Temple of Appled Thought
Erisian Ataxia Troupe

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Join us in our Minnows Unite Chat for any of your questions, chat with other members, and gain the support of other great authors.

Or join us in our Discord Server!

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