Playing with MENĒ boxes + Unboxing @grow-pro Style

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My son and I had so much fun with these Menē boxes

Check out the stack we have going here, #fam! Note that not all boxes are mine, but damn if I didn’t have just as much fun 😁 We’re starting constructive project here with the kids... building blocks!


Nothing says “I love you” quite like pure precious metals

Am I right or am I right? The joy of holding real, tangible value in your hands is a special feeling. We love our crypto in this house but we also appreciate fine metals! By fine, I mean .999’s fine. I’m not doing this post to gloat or for bragging rights - it’s simply a metal-bug that stumbled upon this kickass10 referral program (thanks @jackmiller & @sylviamiller) — tried it out myself, love it — now sharing with my #steemit #fam.

WHY? For the $5 sign-up bonus? NOT HARDLY!! It’s way more than that, this company really makes smiles for miles. Just browse the #mene or #mene24k tags to see your fellow Steemians LOVING themselves some Menē. NO BS 🚫🐂💩

Thanks to @goldmatters, you can get the fresh #mene24k recaps daily!! You don’t have to take my word, take the word of countless Steemians who are enjoying precious metals (in some cases FREE). I’d love to see more of you get the gift that just keeps on giving 🤑 GOLD AND PLATINUM, BABY!!


There’s another new arrival for my son 👆

Speaking of goodies, ol’ Grow-pro and family have been extra good this year. We’ve had some very difficult situations to face; deaths in the family, major flooding which forced us out of our home for nearly 3 months, and a recent tornado that followed. ‘Such is life’ as they say, but we truly learned to appreciate the small things this year.

Happiness cannot be bought, good health just the same. Love cannot be purchased and you cannot order a great friend online. Thanks to #thealliance and the man behind it all, @enginewitty, I’ve got friends to the end. This year has brought some hurdles but along with it came many great humans that truly make it an easier path to traverse. Humor, love, compassion = that’s what makes the world spin smoothly and that’s exactly what these people do - they make the world go ‘round!


I’d like to take a second to be straight up... I am the luckiest fkn man on the planet to have a healthy family, a roof over my head, and friends that are more like extended family. To all my brothers and sisters here and way out there — I am truly grateful for YOU! Material stuff is just more shit if you’ve got no one to share it with. I’m blessed to have more than nothing and ever grateful. I wish all of you who read this a wonderful holiday and a happy New Year. Much love to you all and your families. May the Universe grant your wishes as it has for our family and may you always find love and light during times of darkness. Not to get all sorts of mushy, but I friggin’ love you. Seriously. 🤟😎


Let’s just say that there’s a few presents for the family under the tree and I’m really thankful for the Menē referral program. They get a standing ovation from @grow-pro this holiday season. THANK YOU 🙏

If you are interested in earning $5 in MENĒ credit upon sign up and also up to $50 in gift card codes from MENĒ, Inc. 🏆 USE THIS LINK TO SIGN UP NOW!


This post was written entirely on my new iPad and would not have been so magnificently formatted without her. That old iPad 2 was hurtin! Thanks love 😍🥰😘


Unboxing MENĒ Gold • It Never Gets Old! A Lovely 24k Charm For My Wonderful Wife, @randfmomma by grow-pro


How You Can Turn Crypto Into 24k Gold and Platinum & Earn Free Precious Metals

Screen Shot 2018-12-09 at 10.33.08 PM.png

MENĒ Unboxing, Playing with Gold, Sending 4 24k Charms Off to @jackmiller & @fbslo! 📫

Screen Shot 2018-12-09 at 10.33.15 PM.png


Stay Stackin', Steemians!

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/signs up for Menē, can’t believe own eyes 😳
The @moonbounce ❤️ You, bacon, and gold
{drools profusely on keyboard}

The @grow-bot loves you for loving!
09BEECE7-3695-40A3-99BE-15CDE37B1DD2.png loves you, too!

You’ve been a good lil minion this year, @grow-bot.
Santa might just bring you a renewed delegation to get that SP back up 😉
Just behave yourself in the meantime

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Beautiful points to be made.
Health, love + family are ALWAYS number 1!
No lie, though, I’m really diggin’ my 24k ♋️ + platinum #7️⃣! Especially when they were almost entirely funded by credits.
Love you!
Merry Christmas everyone!

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Wow, you have so much gold and platinum!

Only one for me, but at least that makes a few smiles. I don’t buy much but when I do it’s for the wife and kids 😉 Happy wife = happy life

Hope you are enjoying your charm, buddy! I will be able to help out with shipping again if you decide to order anything again. It has been a bit hectic here but hopefully a new year brings a new schedule 🤣

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Hello friend! It is good to see you are still here and prospering. I've seen MENE before and was curious about it. Discord has been off for me for probably a year now, so I've been missing a lot here on Steemit. Forgive me if you thought I was ignoring you. I just wasn't around.

No worries, brother! I’ve been all over the place and have missed quite a bit myself, especially since Discord is always breaking their own app haha

Besides the floods and tornado I’d say it was an ok year...HAHA could be worse but could also be a lot better, too. Wishing you and yours a prosperous 2019 & beyond. We will have to catch up soon! Been too long, brother.

I fired up Discord for the first time in a long time last night. Steemit still intrigues me, and it's good to see friends still active here! I'm all powered down and debating on what to do next. Buy more or sell or what?!

Discord has been terrible for me due to the “updates” which basically leave me without discord for weeks at a time. It works so they break it...job security I suppose 🤣

As for this blockchain, I still reserve hope. However, that’s hope in the STEEM blockchain and NOT Steemit Inc the company / front end. They’ve shit the bed so to speak and eliminated 70% of their staff. STEEM the token is sort of at the mercy of BTC and that is certainly on the downtrend so the weaker of the alt coins will suffer tremendously, in my opinion. I’m not sure now is the time to sell or buy, but certainly time to deeply consider all options. I am more or less sprawling out into strong projects and keeping my sights set on generating value at this point. Lots of projects promise it but creating it is the hard part 😉 prices are low but for the dedicated few that are building’s a nice, quiet time to get work done for next year. Crypto might be down but it’s not out. I expect 2020 to be a great year for many projects in the crypto realm.

It’s better to be too early than too late. Opportunity is out there, we just need to track it!

This is awesome!! I love it! I’d like to use some of these images on twitter, do you have a handle i can tag?

Absolutely, I’m dream24hours_co on Twitter but don’t use it much, hence the profile FF9D7CE8-3018-41D9-990F-1464190D583F.jpeg
I use it for my music releases but robots like electronic music so... 🤘😎

Awesome thanks!

Here's another that didn’t make the cut...
Had to save a little bandwidth until I move a lil Steem 🤣

🤯 @moonbounce is mind blown

Giggity giggity goo, free gold 4 me’n’u! Oh baby, oh baby, oh baby, oh!!

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Thanks bro, gonna give me the feels😎

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Calling @originalworks :)
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