"Calling All MCs and Singers of Earth!!!!" ... I wanna jam with you!! [MC Challenge]

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I'll be honest, I've waited a long time for this kind of thing!!!

First off, let me say, I'm not trying to step on any toes here!
This is for me to see who's out there in the steemit world and to make some music!!
Its a chance for me to test out my new creations, and to give you MCs, rappers and singers out there some beats!!!!!!!

... I have heard some amazing stuff out there from you lot!! ... from all over the world!!!!

... So ...

  • Play the beat above and record yourself doing your 'verse/freestyle/bars/song/whatever you got' over it!
    ... (for this, I have chosen a beat made recently and unheard by the world - 'loose leaf'.) - You won't hear this anywhere else!!

Use phones/laptops or whatever you want to record it! This is lo-fi, quickfire music, ya dig?
THE RAW STUFF!!!! ... No tech! Just raw skills!!


    1. There are NO rules!!!
    1. Post your entrys below, or comment with a link to your entry post,
      You don't NEED to upvote this post, BUT upvote an entry! (and not your own!!)


Please get word of this to those you think would be interested and resteem if you see fit!
This is a competition for fun and for networking for all humans.
I want to have a vibe to this like jamming in a circle!! All are welcome!!

... BUT, as this is steemit, I will send the SBD resulting from this post to whoever's comment(entry) has the highest number of votes below!

Lets f**kin' jam!!!

steem porch.jpg
Peace and enjoy.

I love this beat termitemusic! Good luck everybody! One Love

yes bruv!!! thats what I'm talkin bout!!! rapid response too! props 4 that! ...24hr bounce haha!!
what time it there? is 4am here!
... Propa boppin to this!!! SICK !!! ... ah! I shoulda made that beat a bit longer....
Peace! I got your crypto-back G!!!!!!!!!!!

It's 10pm here in oklahoma. Thanks 4 all love bro! I got your crypto-back too my G!

How long does this round last?

1 week from the post date I reckon ... then I might post another next week. Whatdya think??

Sound great my cryto-bro

rapid response is what I'm after tho!!!! that all day 24/7hiphop flavour!!! I might make shorter rounds when more people are in on this!!

you know i'mma win right! you still got my cryto back right? lol Check out my introducemyself post and up vote and comment my cryto-brother! Here's the link https://steemit.com/introducemyself/@kenentertainment/i-ve-been-on-steemit-for-a-month-now-but-i-noticed-i-never-did-a-introducemyself-post-so-here-it-is.
Lets do a mixtape, u make tha beats and i rap!

haha! U know I got your crypto-back bruv!!! good post man! studio looks nice!!! ...verbal-d has 8votes, u need 3 more!!! however, you already win on the speed of your jam response man!!! I'm gonna have to workout a way of including the time it took into the 'score' in future jams!!! (which is coming soon by the way!! ... U IN!???)

I got 6 btw. I'm always down to rap, that's what i do brother!

When do we find out who won? and when you said "you already win on the speed of your jam response " does that mean i won? Can't wait till next round!

safe geez!! highest number of votes wins but I will sort you all somin' in my own way cos you all smashing it!! .. especially you K.E.N.!!! some mad synchronicity going on with you !!
I am deep in the session at the mo, but when I'm done tonight, I will post another beat for a new jam, and then the results of this!! Peace, also check out the newest entry below (in with hrs to spare!!!) @base33

haha that reefer madness scheme was crazy, along with the foetus line , nice haha

Thanks my guy! Go check out my vlog "The Art of Bars" i go through all the lines i used in this challenge and break'em down. What's foetus mean? and are you gonna do this challenge? I think you should, don't 4get to up vote too.

Ill check that out now ken, foetus is feetus maybe its a english englsih spelling as opposed to american english , I would upvote you but im tryin to win! haha just kidding will up vote u now

Thank's bro,lol! I thought you were gonna be in the top 6 4 sure in the other challenge, you got some serious bars man. The thermite one blew my mind! Keep up the good work bro, did you get your website up yet?

haha thanks man, I gotta get my delivery right to get up there, im workin on it! whys it not on this week do u know? I knew I had a good one when I came up with that thermite/airstrike scheme! haha I didnt get the website up yet, Im just waitin to next month to get it goin!

Idk man, i've been checking everyday. I hope they don't stop. I only got to do it 2 times!

they did skip a week before too though so this might be the same thing, we will probably know by the weekend

Real chill laid back flow, and again, staying away from the everyday predictable cliche bars. Keep up the craft of lyricism and definitely continue to have fun with it bro. You are improving every time you utilize the pen and voice out your bars. You fit well on this beat, real catchy

Thanks! What do you mean "cliche bars"

You're welcome
I mean bars that everyone uses.
Bars that are predictable, overused, easily foreseen, nothing new, very uncreative, unoriginal, boring, lacking in quality/effort/thoughtfulness


I am such a boss, see the way I floss
Every time I ball, I make it rain, pay the cost
Never make a loss, rims are lip gloss
Shining like my lady, Hating fakies get lost!

Lol whack rhymes bro just whackkkkkk
Had to write those cliche bars for you so you get the point

Or gun violent hateful bars those can also be cliche.

Lol! did you get the toke an O like i live in japan. no way that's cliche

Yeah I heard that bar, it was creative bro
I listen to a lot of lyrical bars, not too many go over my head these days, they have to be really abstract or unclear for me to not get them, or I just never came across the reference, e.g. a movie, story, historical moment etc...
That bar of yours was refreshing and not cliche.

Nice to find another lyrical person. I've been at parties and someone would tell me to rap(almost everybody in my town knows i rap) and when i was done spitting......some people,mainly females, have this look on their face like i was speaking in another language! lol! I noticed your a judge on open mic, can i rap on that?

Yes you can rap on the open mic. And that is definitely a story I can relate to. Lol We gotta keep Hip Hop alive and well.

Nice to see and props for being so fast! Recognized some of your trademark RPG flow :)

Yea, i like throwing it in as a filler, but i think this will be the last i use it. Gotta look up other kinds of rockets. Maybe nukes or something! Thanks 4 the support! Are you going to do this challenge? One last thing bro i uploaded my first vlog, it's called "The Art of Bars". You should check it out brother.

Cool I'll check that out soon as I've recorded my entry! If I can make something decent now :)

thanks and every time i've seen you rap its more then decent! Good luck

Nice bars dude, flows tight

I appreciate that bro, what up with that up vote my dude

Hey! Finally managed to get some rhymes down, as you can tell I got a bit tired in the end haha..

Sorry that it's a bit sloppy but I did my best in a short time and I put the lyrics in my: Original post
Thank you for sharing the beat with us! <3

I really dig the carefree fun flow. You definitely put focus into your lyrics and the message. No need to apologize for the sloppiness, it is what it is and thanks for sharing. The sharpness of delivery comes with preparing and practice. Looking forward to more of your entries.

Thank you!! And you're right I should keep from apologizing, it is what it is and was fun to write :)

You're welcome, yes correct, just have fun and share.

Rah!!! Smashin' it bruv!!! You got some mad lines in there!!!!! Props!!!
"Blade runners as you force them to this endless race, or persuade them with your friendly face" DOPE!!!!!
THE NU OLDSKOOL!!!! Thankyou for joining the cypher man!!!!!!!!

Thanks really it means a lot that you like it!.. NU OLD SCHOOL it is!! zzZ My head had to stop spinning for a while after writing that but I think I can sleep now. Still want to go through your previous posts for other gems! But goodnight for now!

This just happened!!! Nice 1!!
This was all synchronistic and unplanned til last night, so props to everyone on this!!!!!!!!!!

... And others out there who wanna join the jam, round 1 runs for a week from the post date, so you still have time!! .. but the earlier u are, the more votes u might get!!! Peace out and hit me up!!

nice man, i dug the shogun scheme and the skunk line you always come with deep lyrics too

Thanks Willy G!!

no worries privat keep doin your thing!

Killed it once again my dude! Even with the accent and tiredness.....double killed it, you got my up vote!

Thank you for supporting!

Dude you on discord? I'm looking to do some collabs!!!

Not yet but I'll make sure to get on it, that would be really cool!! Just listened to your "The gamble" and it was really one of the best raps I've heard in a while. I'll write back when I've gotten the hang of discord but I'll be up for a collab any time, just give me a beat and as much of an idea as you want :)

Privat#4311 should be enough to friend or invite right?

Heres My Entry Man, Big Up , Beats Fire..

OH Shiiiiit!!! Yes bruv!!! sup Phorecite!!! welcome to the jam!!!
RAW!!!!! THIS IS SICK!!! spittin fire worldwide!!!! Termite got your back!!

haha i love that line, kidnappin x factor contestants in a black jeep, why? fuck wack beats!

Like that aggressive flow! "We only keep it old school"! I don't think we're supposed 2 up vote our own tho. You rip'd it tho, check mine out and let me know what you think my dude. Good luck!

There are no rules, but yeah, I will discount votes for yourself!!! :) ... As this is 'round 1' I'm still testing things out!! we'll see how things go!! ... no1s gonna get to quit their day job off round 1!!! haha!!!!
... but we build!!!!!!!!!!
Thankyou to everyone involved!!!! I love this!!!!!!!!!!

Safe nice one, Haha thats two so far then. Will do man

Nice energizing old school flow!!

Solid entry, you got a nice emcee name, and I liked your strong energy and your old school flow in your verse.

Nice beat man, Heres my entry!

YEAH MANN!!!!!! U got them bars flowing!!! I got loadsa Irish people about me in London... I understand the accent perfectly!!! You can rhyme words that no1 else can!!! haha! DOPE G!!! welcome to the jam!!!!!! Smashed it!!! FUCK THE GENERAL PUBLIC!!! Yeah!!!

haha nice man, nice, the general public are incredible fuckwits! haha glad to be jammin with you termite

Nice!! That accent is cheating though haha, just kidding it sounds great! "Keeping it so old school, I'm using stone tools" got stuck in my head. I also liked that you made some termite schemes as a tribute!

I sound like what liam neeson would sound like if he rapped haha glad ur diggin the accent. that stone tools line, you know i keep it old school till the death haha. I had to big up termite music this is a dope challenge! thanks for the comment prival

Yea dude. Thanks for leading me to this!!

No worries alao, I knew you guys on the rap challenge section would dig it!

DAMN!!!!! Willy you a beast! You definitely gonna get some ass from this!

haha thanks ken, I really hope I do get some ass! hahaa

Yeah the general public be sleeping but your flow was solid on this one, you whipping the rhythm like a Bone Thugs emcee. Keep up your syllabic pressure, it works for you and is great practice for creativity

Holy shit my boy Termite is taking over with mad jazzy beat. Love all the entry this is awesome!

Yeah bruv!!! stuffs gettin crazy!!!! haha!!! U got anything for this!!?? I hear you on the mic a few posts back!!!! ... Play ukulele on it if you want!!!! hahaha! Peace geezer, and thanks for the support!!!!

RRRAAAAAHHH BRRUV!!!! haha! megadeth lyrics right!?? DOPE!! I grew up on alot o that stuff!!
Welcome to the jam man!!!! Props!! this works perfect!!!
where did ya record this??
Smashin it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! VACHEMORTE!!!!

Yo my man. I give you all the mad love in my post so go read it! This is indeed Megadeth and this is recorded at my studio. Now you need to do something about that leaking roof...

Haha!!! I know!!!!! I found a bucket to put under it!!
I was writing that post and shit got real !! haha.
Thanks for your part in this man!!! I love this whole concept of jammin!!!

Nice visuals mayne. Really professional presentation. You had fun with this song I see.

yes I had to commit something to termite because I am a lo-fi jazzy beat lover. I am at my best in french, which I might use next time.

Yes please do show your skills in your French language that would be really cool to hear. I too am a lover and appreciator of Jazz Hip Hop. You simply can't go wrong with this kind of beat

Mis escritos guardan desgastes, Oxidastes los Books que implementastes
Sistema disfrazado de sotana, y la corbata coño la ensuciastes
con descuidos de conciencia, coño everything it´s the fucking decandency
Your words in that place everyday it´s your fucking hell
You can´t notice cocksucker punk cause you are an Hypocrite
The lines of my pencil it´s my experience, my decadating mind
it´s more powerful than your lies, I´m more powerful I will Fly
mentiras malditas que empujas push it him like the puppet guy
si eres el puppet detrás de ti las cuerdas estan dancing around
puppets dancing do you believe that you have happiness? cause you have money? cause you have munchy? cause you have ferrari?
Maleante your custome es de farsante y tu mismo te hundes mientras
van a idolatrarte.

Everything it´s subliminal Everything it´s subliminal Everything it´s subliminal

Thanks for the opportunity

YES YES!!! Bringing some singing to the jam too!!!! Welcome to the jam man!!
Gracias por unirte. Se aprecia. tu voz es buena

I´ll try to do it better next time thank u my friend !!! ^_^

It's all about the quickness man!!! we are jamming!!!! Peace!!!(and thankyou!!!!!!)

that was nice man, i didnt understand most of it but I like the flow! big up!

Thank u my friend aprecciated ^_^ I like ur entry a lot

It is fresh to always hear different languages blessing the mic for Hip Hop diversity and cultural intergration with this beautiful genre. Thanks for sharing @yusaymon

Thank u my friend :) you´re amazing

You're most welcome, it inspires me to want to rap in another language!


YES YES!!! On that 22 beat!! buckin' the trend man!!!! All good on round 1!!! Got that prop smooth flow man!! GEECHIDAN!!! presenting the real on steemit!! U know I got your crypto-back G!!!!!!

Deep message within this one. Loved the backstory and the turbulent humble beginnings, God bless you and your family

I love this man!!! Flow is so strong!!! Respect!!!! F***IN Smashin IT!!!!! The feeling of having dope rappers spittin on my beats from all over the world is one I am treasuring for real!! and it is all so quick on here!!!! (all of you!!) DIG IT!!!!!!
(ps.did ya drop your email somewhere re: the tape!??.. I aint forgot, I am just unorganised!.. been goin back n I cant find it)

... I was thinking of maybe using this beat for a future jam too! U ahead of the game bruv!!!!!!!!!

fire check mine out and up vote bother aka best rapper on steem!

Yeah termite putting in work, nice flow cadence and rhythm on this one. Keeping out pens sharpened and our vocal cannons loaded

YES! Sick!! My bruv from my city!!! welcome to the jam man!! Base33 is a latecomer as he has joined steemit for this battle!!! Props!! show him some love people and check out his future tings cos man knows his stuff!!! Peace!!

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Thankyou!!!!! @juliakponsford Muchly much appreciated!!!! I see the power now!!!!!!

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YEAH!!!! welcome to the jam bruv!!! cant wait to hear what ya got!!!!!!!!!!

for me, and i've only been here a couple weeks, this is EXACTLY the kind of thing steem looks brilliant for. awesome stuff @originalworks.



Peace bruvv!! spread the word!! the more people involved, the bigger the jam!!

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If you're doing another one of these I would love to rap on your "I see 22's" beat or the one hidden with the Holographic Woman album! Or probably whatever you choose actually since everything you do seems to be dope. But would you mind if I perhaps upload something on those as well?.. Thanks again for this challenge!

NO! THANKYOU MAN!!!! I will be posting a new beat shortly!!!
On 22222, go for it! as long as you credit me, I'm down! ... Part of what I'm doing this for, is to give my beats to you lot, cutting out every middleman that we usually have to go through in this modern world. 'payment' comes in theory from another angle, and not from the people who make the art!! right!? cos thats the world musicians live in as it stands, so we can build this into something great !!!

also, we got a new entry on this below!!!

Thank you so much you're awesome!! Just did a quick verse on 22222 and entered it to the got16s challenge because I really felt like it today. But I'll start writing something on the new beat soon as well. I credited you and put a link to the new mc challenge in my post. Please let me know if I can do anything ells! The post: https://steemit.com/got16s/@privat/rap-2x2x2x2-bars-hopefully-for-the-got16s-contest-on-term

All good man!!!! Build, Build, Build!!!!

Really cool beat!! Inspires some fun flows. I wanna make a song out of this if I feel like I can do the beat honor!

Nice 1 man!! Thankyou! ... This is just jammin! don't overthink it!!! Quick tings record in the spirit of all that's lofi !!
I am metaphorically passing you the mic @privat . Waiting for your bars!!!?

Haha alright not usually my thing but I'll try to record something quick then!

yes geeeezar!!!!

Yea privat can rap his ass off! I'd like to see him flow on this beat too, yo privat where's my up vote brother?

Thanks for the support!! You got it now, didn't have time to check it before ;)

Hey man the more the merrier. The main reason I liked being a judge of the rap challenge is to network with other artist. If you're serious about doing collabs I'm all for it. I'm on discord so hit me up!!

is there not gonna be the other rap challenge this week alao? I was really looking forward to it!

Yea looks like ron is taking a break this week. It's a lot of work for him to put the contest together. He's got some personal stuff he is taking care of.

Ok, i understand that. Thanks for letting me know. Business b4 pleasure. Can't wait till the next one! Have a good day brother.

Nice ! . I have no other mode than serious!!!!!!!! haha! I'm not on any steemit chat things yet as this is all new to me. But I will be on discord in the very near future, so will hit u up!!!!!!! Peace bruv and thanks!!!!