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Designed by me

Hi Steemians, Itz your boi @sparklez

This is the first contest am organizing, just to show my appreciation as well as my contribution to the steemit community.

Purpose of the Contest

Steemit is a social platform where people come to have fun and build hopes, and also acquire great wisdom and experience. But I found out that so many people struggle to put something up or compose a very catchy content for a contest. So this contest is like a freestyle contest, where people get to showcase a skill freely, caught on camera of course, showoff what they know how to do best. I also found out that lots of people want to show the world something on video, something very special, but they find it so hard here on steemit.


  • To make people more aware of dtube as well as dlive
  • To get them more involved in bringing originality to steemit
  • To show the world Steemians got talent too
  • To bring more fun and happiness on steemit

The Contest

The “MyBestSkillzCaughtonCamera” Contest is a way to promote steemit, a contest where you get to do what you know how to do best, it might be dancing, head twisting, singing, joggling a ball, any skill or talent at all that you are comfortable with sharing, but it must be original. You must be original, because I will definitely trace every entry.

Rules for the contest

The rules to this contest are simple, since we just want to have some fun and be happy

  • Contents must be original
  • It must be caught on camara
  • It must be uploaded through @dtube or @dlive (incase dtube or dlive error, you could use other means)
  • You must RESTEEM so as to cover more grounds and reach. Resteem will help create more awareness.
  • Upvotes! Well, upvotes are not really necessary, so upvotes is optional and should not be taking as a criteria for contesting, unless you want to.
  • If you feel am cool…lol! You could follow moir…hahaha! Its optional! As it should not be counted as a criteria for you not to contest…skadoosh!
  • All video content must be audible and clear
  • Entries should carry the contest name and tag for example My Best Skillz Caught on Camera by sparklez and #MBSCC. As we will be using the tag to host more contest.
  • All entries should be posted as a comment, with links to their post.
  • Results would be decided by votes on the comment section


1st Position – 8SBD
2nd Position – 5SBD
3rd Position – 3SBD
4th Position – 2SBD
5th Position – 1SBD
6th Position – 0.5SBD
7th Position – 0.3SBD
8th Position – 0.2SBD
And other consolation prizes…hahahaha! If it was possible, I would love everyone to be a winner, because to me, no one is a looser.
Please don't forget to use the tag #mbscc

For help on how to upload, click on my previous post. I have always admired and loved @papa-pepper contest because it brings out creativity in us and so much crazy fun, I want this too to be like that, crazy fun, creativity and originality. I also want to thank @gloglo for her ideas too, a very talented lady, maybe next time, I would do a "Tongue Rolling" Contest curled from @fisteganos aka The Wolf turned

I wish every contestant GOODLUCK

From your very own boi @sparklez

See below for the white paper…Lol!


for sport lovers CLICK to join our discord for unlimited sport info

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hey good luck :)

All the best Eunice.....

Wish you success dear

Best of luck

Good luck dear

Success dear

Make us proud!

I wish I could vote 10times.. All for u Eunice

@eunireal, this is amazing...thanks for participating...Wish you goodluck

You must win!!!!!!

Thanks dear

I wish you the best

Best of luck

Go girl.
All the best.

You will win ,! #
Steem F1 team!

Good luck beautiful damsel.all d best

you are winning it already..look you've got fans.. goodluck to you eunireal

I appreciate your partispation

Oya go and win o

guess its yours

Go girl... You're winning this

Nice one dearie...wish you will be determined by highest number of votes on their comment. Thanks

😎 😎 😎

Wow,i was actually in a bad mood for my formatted phone,but you just abruptly changed my mood...success dear

Ahnhan... so fast? 🙆🏽‍♂️

Asin fast? oya nah

Hahahaha no tym to check time ooo

Na So my sister... 👏

Hahaha Ore no dey carry last.

I no dey carry last o. Lol

I trust you darling.

Good luck.

Win for both of us😀

Happy winning

Wish you goodluck dearie...winner wins by upvotes to your comment...and following rules too

Happy winning

😮... what a talent

All the best dearie

✌cheers bro @japfive. I really appreciate

Nice entry.. And your talent is super cool..

I sight you bros @kekegist, @gee1,.. All Ogas and Madams, Welldone friends! Thanks all voters wonderful people!! Y'all rock

Nice brov...nice presenting and awesome voice...brov fo work for discovery channel Thanks for participating, wish you good luck. Dont forget winners are determined by the highest number of votes. Thanks

✌thanks for the opportunity. We will pull through this by Divine Grace o!

Thanks alot for the support @michaelcj sir! Keep soaring.

best of luck

Nice one brothers I love your post jare..........

Mehn I can’t wait to start seeing videos. Nice one and am coming through.

Cant wait to see yurs too brov...we waiting for ya

Hello sir. I joined steemit today. I came across this contest today. And gladly, I quickly prepared my own best skill caught on camera.

Here's my entry. Please check it out.

Wow, this is just got on steemit and this happens to be your first contest on steemit...thats great news, am happy I could be a part of history in our for participating dearie...don't forget to share your comment link to your friends for an vote as winners will be determined by the highest number of votes on your comment...goodluck

Oops... That's where I have problem. None of my friends is on steemit yet. I was only invited by @easymade. I want to hold a little ground before I start inviting others.

How I wish that's not a criteria.

@linda247... just for the sake of transparency, we had to do it like, so everyone could could tell you friend @easymade to assist you...Which of Nigeria you based?

I'm from Edo state, but I relocated to Ibadan recently.

@linda247.. dats good, hope you've joined the Ibadan steemians?

No. Could you please send me the link?

Me sef just dey join the contest ooh. You can check my entry below.

This is a contest that i must participate.
Must win
eyelash-clipart-human-eye-17.jpg I see SBD

You should go ahead and try it out...what u waiting for, go take d sbd bae

Hello @sparklez thanks for this wonderful contest
Here's my Entry:

haha...Seen brov! Rember winners with the highest upvotes on their comments win...thanks for participating...wish you goodluck

All the best, Bro

wow...Such am amazing actor! Rembr to get upvotes here as the highest upvotes on your comments determines the winner...goodluck!

Upvotes! Well, upvotes are not really necessary, so upvotes is optional and should not be taking as a criteria for contesting, unless you want to.
You said this, why are you now saying otherwise

number of upvotes on YOUR COMMENT is what determines if you win...not my post please...for example, if someone gets 10votes on their comment and you get 9votes...the other person is declared the winner...hope you clear?

Nice article

Seen. But you didn’t upvote. I need the upvote.

Hehe... I joined the contest lately though. Here's my entry on a video where I drew the "steem" logo on a client's head:


snap (2).jpg

hahaha...I actually saw this and was marvelled at how you achieved this...its all good brov. Welcome to the contest brov @easymade... remember winners are determined by the highest number of votes on the comment section

You're sure I won't win all your 20SBD so? are free boss...I no you

Wow, this is really amazing @adejoke...Thanks for participating. Don't forget that winners are determined by the highest number of votes in your comment section. thanks

Ma boss, thanks for this oppirtunity to be part of a contest that allows us to be focus outside the realness of the videos. Thanks once again.
My entry...

Nice one dearie...wish you will be determined by highest number of votes on their comment. Thanks

This is goin to very interesting 😁

Yeah! Its going to be crazy interesting..hope you going to try out? I know you can do this...smiles

Creativity at its peak... Let's get this place on fire! Good one dear!

Thank you big time gee why you be ma madam

A great way to promote dlive and dtube. Kudos to you for coming up with such a wonderful concept...


Da one and only steemit evangelist...Thank you so much, we only following your footstep, trying to promote steemit and bring more fun to the platform. Thanks for encouragement sire. @eurogee

Omg! I love your white papers! That made me laugh ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Glad to see you are doing well.

Woooooohhhhh....I got d sweetest lady @karensuestudios... So happy you dropping by. Thank you! Am sending those white papers to the white Hope you going to participate? I love you concepts too...I couldnt scream enough when I saw you follow me...tnx dor dropping by

:) hehehe keep on sparkling! :)

Great comp @sparklez!!! Great to see you on the server today! I hope you get to 'harana" some lucky lady one day :)! @bearone you came around...a big thanks dearie...hope you went through my white paper :-) I wish you were participating...thanks for stopping by. The server was really fun and I hope to get my 'harana' pretty

Woww ... Awesome..
. I guess am involved in this...
My best kills caught in camera ... That's amazing !!!
Count me in... Before the post melts I will suerly post my skills trapped on cannon ...
Its a nice one bro... Guess I will flow with this one ...

Yeah well to post on time so that your friends can start voting on your comment session..thanks

Congratulations! You got 100.00% upvote from @lightningbolt, Thanks to @sparklez! Enjoy!

You got a 17.02% upvote from @ebargains courtesy of @sparklez!

This is an awesome contest....So I just filmed for a music video and in the process of editing it right now....Can I use that as my entry.....I am also in the video as well of course

@theomgbrand of cos, as long as it is you who is on the filmed I guess your skill or talent is editing and singing I guess...go ahead!

well more so rapping then singing....but i just write a lot of music

Thats really great...waiting for your entry nd tell your friends bout it @theomgbrand

Lol nice one, i give a try if the time permit me. Thanks a lot

Lol..thanks man...the contest ends as the post expires...Looking forward to your entry...thanks for dropping by @princedone

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Well done dear @sparklez I love this, I know this will bring out the hidden talent in people and I know they would love it. Well done dear. May the best man win.

@gloglo dorling, tnx so much for d encouragement...I do hope hidden talent would be made Thanks for stopping by...would love to see you try d, show us ur talent

Resteemed nd good luck i hqve no video

Thanks brov for the resteem, you too kind....thanks for dropping by

Its ok bro ....i just click the button not doing just a great thing

I love this. More like a talent hunt.

Yes brada...We just tryna promote steemit and bring more love...thanks

Nice bold step you took, its a huge way to make steemians showcase there talents. Mine entry is coming soon. Cheers

Cant wait to see it brov...thanks

Upvote and resteem ..... Awesome work good luck i have no video to participate

My man. God bless yhu for this

My boss of life @ewuoso... thank you sire, you too much. We trying to build the community boss...thanks for stopping by...I think say you go just enter for the fun of it...Lol... Shaku shaku style

Shay if i win u go gimme my money

haba...definitely boss...e dey transparent, nor ojoro for there boss @ewuoso... hahahaha!

Lol. I just want the fun

Wonderful one there..!

Wow Sparklez! This promises to be so much fun! When does the contest end?

My sweet lovable so happy you came eñds wen d post expires...missed doz lovely smiles jor

@tofe... nice one with the amazing grace. Thanks for participating dearie...don't forget to share your comment link to your friends for a vote as winners will be determined by the highest number of votes on your comment...good luck

Nice article about football

Does sleeping while standing count as a skill?😀😀

All counted as skill bae..jsr let it b on😁😁😊

nice post.. fd...

nice post...

Here is my entry to the contest. Hope you like it

Hello here's my entry

This is my entry @sparklez. I would suggest your next contest should not be decided by number of upvotes but by originality, quality and interest picked by the judges on the entry.
The upvote criteria makes many to go around begging for upvotes which is not really the steem spirit. Either way this is my entry below.

Thanks for your suggestion, I will certainly take that into consideration when I do another contest. Thanks for entering. Contest ends in less than 10hrs...

i put my entry on both your pages and upvoted both pages hope i did it right thanks!

wow...thank you so much...but the contest is ended @nikkismom... really wish you saw this earlier.

Okay sir. Gladly awaiting your update sire.. More grace