The image is made of own imagination and thoughts after I read the post about "What About Little John?" written by @done is a true story.

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This is a story that makes great impression and could also be a movie script.

That @done tells about his meeting with Little John, that maybe you will also do the same when you hit one like Little John.

This image of digital art from me is dedicated to "Little John"  @lvj   and all SBD (SteemDollar) and SP (SteemPower) will go to @lvj 

view full-size image clik here   

You are used to writing a story from my digital photos, but this time I want you to just go to that link and welcome @lvj to Steemit and re-steemed his "Introduce myself." I am Little John. . " and watch his video

Here you can read the story what @done writes about his meeting with Little John

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That is a marvelous gesture. I really appreciate that you have taken notice. I could simply give Juan cash, but if he can learn his way around the platform, it will give him dignity.

I spoke to him for nearly two hours and could write three more series with what he told me. I am not going to us my account on the back of his unique difficulties.


If he is at the park tomorrow, he will receive a wifi-only tablet which I had on hand. It is all set to use - if possible he will make a post using my hotspot. When I get him a phone, it must have an internet plan, but that takes time, his name and ID in order to be accomplished.

Again, thanks for all.

Thanks @done

It's as you say it will take time,

I hope that by your help to teach him the platform will give him the dignity back.

We others must not forget him, but give our support when he posts.

You have a good heart @done
May God Bless and Keep you. And Little John as well.

Good work from you Snr. @xpilar
You really did a great work I've been reading his story here, from my perceptive, @done is a really a kind man with a heart of gold, am not surprised people like @done exist, I count my self lucky to have met you, for your support, guide and kindness towards me and my others here, you a typical excellent example who can make someone dreams come through in life, really appreciated you Snr. @xpilar

I can see beginning of a new man which @done had been dreaming of in the life of @lvj, I can foreseen a new atmosphere which will change the life of little John in Steemit.

We humans often feel frustrated because we lose hope and faith in life, love or something else. Sometimes it’s very tough to be steady with hope who suffer from depression for losing something favorite but words of uplift, motivational and inspiration from people like you Snr. @xpilar and @done which always give or support during this kind of situation, a turbulent times, a hard time of life, but I believe little John story will change for better with the support from kinds people you like you Snr. @xpilar and @done

There is something I believe on when I read it a while ago "End is not the end, in fact E.N.D is “Effort Never Dies” & if you get NO in answer then remember NO is “Next Opportunity” we always need to be positive.

Welcome little John, as Snr. @xpilar just make a this amazing gesture art by dedicating it to you, I could see you higher beyond your expectations soon..

#Xpilar #Team #Support #You @lvj


Thanks @davidad

Yes, We others must not forget @lvj, but give our support when he posts.

You are welcome!!!!

Yes Snr. @xpilar you are most correct, we would definitely be supportive to @lvj hope things will change for good for this man called little John..

This great platform is a land of opportunities.

Hai @xpilar

want to comment about the image you made


you are very clever, making a picture of real-life blend, written by @done, about the true story of a Little Jihn, now has a steemit @lvj account
in the picture you made above

in the picture above,
I can draw conclusions,
that the poor still rise and advance together
in achieving goals.

Hilsen @sultan-aceh

Thanks @sultan-aceh

You know how the pictures come to me when I make a digital photo and here's a new Steemians who grabs one opportunity and holds on

Not sure those who see the picture see it, hehe

thank so much @xpilar

I am sorry
because it's too late to reply

wow, it's like a picture of a whale.

Hello @xpilar, nice to meet you again.

I have followed the real story of the @done with little John meeting video, and before I also followed the story about @done looking for little John while in the park. and in my opinion this is an extraordinary story. and I also agree with you that this story is very good if you make a movie script.

I was impressed by the good attitude done by the little John. hopefully many good people like @done. and I also like the digital display images that you display.

Hi @aulia1993

Yes, the story of "Little John" @lvj and his meeting with @done make a strong impression on us all as reading it.

We must remember to support "Little John" @lvj forward when he posts

I just found out little John @lvj has an account. I will support it when he makes a post. because people seem to deserve support.

@xpilar in my opinion @done have done and doing an great job and i followed the posts regarding Little John series and i strongly believe that if we all human beings come forward to help fellow human beings then for sure we can step towards an more beautiful world. And more importantly @done gave Little John an platform where he can get more support and inspiration and i believe that from here he can transform his life and can become inspiration for others too.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

Nice to hear @chireerocks

Thank you. 🙂

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What a wonderful idea @xpilar! Creators are extrodinary people - I like your photo and I like this gesture of helping - not just giving money but a special gift. Greetings from Germany

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Thank you @kadna

wow amazing creation power you have...
you make awesome digital art. it is different and beautiful..
Thanks for sharing with us..

thanks @tussar11

this speaks very well of you @xpilar you have a great and enormous heart God sees with good eyes these wonderful acts and bless you for your generosity and the little jhon

Thank you @glorimarbolivar

hola amigo @xpilar esta es una historia muy conmovedora, eres un enviado de dios con buenos sentimientos

Thanks @betaniaj

very beautiful art and magical imagination.
Thanks @xpilar

thanks @longberry

Go is a very interesting image,
@xpilar but more interesting is how from some post people are sensitized with John and sought the way to contribute to their cresimiento, and having created an image only for @lvj is wonderful and inspiring I would like to know a little more about the image, @done should be proud of everything he has achieved with John and how he interacted and had confidence in him.

Hi @daniel9339

I made a picture after my thoughts about "Little John" and the help that @done has given to him. That's what I'm trying to reflect in this picture.

What others see in the picture is up to their own thoughts and imagination.

what @done does for "Little John" is human love

It is an innovative way of expressing oneself, the image is not very objective, which makes it more interesting to interpret. Love of humanity, is the right prayer to describe what he has done and achieved @done with little John.

Look like space ship

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Resteem your post friend

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thanks @kaleem345

it is very beautiful art! thank you!

I think that he will be okay @xpilar

another beautiful work there by you always so nice to check these post out for something unique :D

An interesting and certainly fun story

Hi @catataniranda

thank you very much that you like and appreciate that story

great post @xpilar
Great design and drawing

Hi @momoriso

Hope you also see the video of "Little John" @lvj on his side

Ok thanks @xpilar
I have read about a little john ( @lvj ) through the article @done ...
It's amazing what is done to little john ( @lvj ) ...
Thank you for sharing the information @xpilar

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