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RE: The image is made of own imagination and thoughts after I read the post about "What About Little John?" written by @done is a true story.

in #littlejohn2 years ago (edited)

Hai @xpilar

want to comment about the image you made


you are very clever, making a picture of real-life blend, written by @done, about the true story of a Little Jihn, now has a steemit @lvj account
in the picture you made above

in the picture above,
I can draw conclusions,
that the poor still rise and advance together
in achieving goals.

Hilsen @sultan-aceh


Thanks @sultan-aceh

You know how the pictures come to me when I make a digital photo and here's a new Steemians who grabs one opportunity and holds on

Not sure those who see the picture see it, hehe

thank so much @xpilar

I am sorry
because it's too late to reply

wow, it's like a picture of a whale.

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