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RE: The image is made of own imagination and thoughts after I read the post about "What About Little John?" written by @done is a true story.

in #littlejohn2 years ago

Good work from you Snr. @xpilar
You really did a great work I've been reading his story here, from my perceptive, @done is a really a kind man with a heart of gold, am not surprised people like @done exist, I count my self lucky to have met you, for your support, guide and kindness towards me and my others here, you a typical excellent example who can make someone dreams come through in life, really appreciated you Snr. @xpilar

I can see beginning of a new man which @done had been dreaming of in the life of @lvj, I can foreseen a new atmosphere which will change the life of little John in Steemit.

We humans often feel frustrated because we lose hope and faith in life, love or something else. Sometimes it’s very tough to be steady with hope who suffer from depression for losing something favorite but words of uplift, motivational and inspiration from people like you Snr. @xpilar and @done which always give or support during this kind of situation, a turbulent times, a hard time of life, but I believe little John story will change for better with the support from kinds people you like you Snr. @xpilar and @done

There is something I believe on when I read it a while ago "End is not the end, in fact E.N.D is “Effort Never Dies” & if you get NO in answer then remember NO is “Next Opportunity” we always need to be positive.

Welcome little John, as Snr. @xpilar just make a this amazing gesture art by dedicating it to you, I could see you higher beyond your expectations soon..

#Xpilar #Team #Support #You @lvj



Thanks @davidad

Yes, We others must not forget @lvj, but give our support when he posts.

You are welcome!!!!

Yes Snr. @xpilar you are most correct, we would definitely be supportive to @lvj hope things will change for good for this man called little John..

This great platform is a land of opportunities.

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