Introduce myself. I am Little John. Viste mi historia.

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I am little John. A thank you to my friend cared for me in the park.

I don't have a computer or telephone yet. I will get one from a promise from my friend.

Here is what I have to say about this social network that my friend just told me of how the people care really about men like me with no other option. This is where I live.


Soy Juancito. Quiero decir gracias a mi gran amigo que me cuido en el parque.

No tengo computadora ni celular todavía. Voy a conseguir un dispositivo cómo me prometió mi amigo.

Acá te presento mi reacción cuando escuché información sobre esta red social en donde hay mucha gente que realmente le importa la gente como yo sin otra opción

To know my story you see of my friend. - Si quieren saber más de mí vean a mi amigo

Thank you, gracias, muchas gracias.

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Hi @lvj

First, I would like to welcome you to Steemit

I've read your story about you and your meeting with @done.

The story makes a strong impression on me and thanks to @done you will now have many new friends in Steemit.

I have posted a post with a digital photo that I dedicated to you and all SBD (SteemDollar) and SP (SteemPower) from that post will go to you @lvj

You can see the entry and the picture here

I wish you good luck in life and a good future in Steemit

Regards @xpilar

hai @lvj

welcome to steemit and dtube
and you have uploaded your video on DTube

I have read
@done has told a lot about your, concern for you,
that you have experienced so far

greetings from me @sultan-aceh

Muchas Gracias por poste @lvj/Juancito.

Bienvenido to Steemit.


Welcome John! I'm glad @done was able to get you onboard with Steemit, and I look forward to hearing more of your story!

Little John i am so happy to see you here on steemit, i've been following your story with @done..

Hope to see your success here on steemit for your future..God Bless @lvj Little John

Bienvenido Juancito, saludos desde Venezuela, y espero pronto leerte.

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Gracias muchas gracias por avisarme. Muchas gracias por darme voto. Gracias de parte de Juan de la calle para todos modos gracias!

Bienvenido juan , Dios te bendiga .

You welcome Little John!!

We've been reading about you for days now, a kind friend of yours share your touching story, really feel sad you went through unpleasant situation of life, but still I bet God never forget anyone and he make you met with your friend @done who invite you here!

Welcome to steemit, a platform of hope that changes many lives positivity, everything will be fine with you as I hoping community will support you.

Welcome onboard, nice @done make it happen and you finally find your way here.

Best of luck.

Re-steemed hope others who are powerful would see this and support you.


Bienvenido Juancito!!

Bienvenido amigo. Espero que pronto tengas un dispositivo para conectarte. Saludos

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