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RE: The image is made of own imagination and thoughts after I read the post about "What About Little John?" written by @done is a true story.

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That is a marvelous gesture. I really appreciate that you have taken notice. I could simply give Juan cash, but if he can learn his way around the platform, it will give him dignity.

I spoke to him for nearly two hours and could write three more series with what he told me. I am not going to us my account on the back of his unique difficulties.


If he is at the park tomorrow, he will receive a wifi-only tablet which I had on hand. It is all set to use - if possible he will make a post using my hotspot. When I get him a phone, it must have an internet plan, but that takes time, his name and ID in order to be accomplished.

Again, thanks for all.


Thanks @done

It's as you say it will take time,

I hope that by your help to teach him the platform will give him the dignity back.

We others must not forget him, but give our support when he posts.

You have a good heart @done
May God Bless and Keep you. And Little John as well.

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