I'm Getting Rid of My Bras! (and connected thoughts)

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My friend @hethur240 shared a great piece by @johleen, and reading it, I started thinking about my own recent journey to a braless lifestyle, and figured I'd share it here with the other Women of Steemit and contribute to the discourse on this topic. In short, I was inspired.

Read @johleen's article here:

To Bra or Not To Bra? That is the Burning Question



Okay, so I'm not really that extreme. However, the day after I quit my 9-5, I also stopped wearing a bra...hopefully for good...and I'd been planning this for a while. In fact, I might have been just as excited about this as I was actually going full-time with music and Steemit.

I've been abandoning the bra on weekends for the past couple of months or so, and ditching the bra on out of town trips for about 6 months. This has been a process. I've always considered myself pretty "modest" when it comes to clothing choices...so I have of course always worn a bra.


However, this year I started thinking more deeply about why I wear a bra to begin with, and what I realized is that basically none of those reasons have to do with me, and I'm the one wearing the bra. In fact, if I were to list the reasons why I wear a bra for me, I think the only thing that I might have on that list is that they make me look bigger than I am...but even that as a reason contradicts self-esteem, so I eventually concluded that I didn't really have any reasons to wear one.

So I decided not to wear one...those reasons were easier to come up with, for sure...and could go on beyond this list:


Well, for a few reasons. Everyone has their reasons to wear or not wear a bra. My reasons won't be everyone's reasons...but these are mine:

  1. Quite simply, I don't need one. The main reason I've worn a bra so long is because society says I should, and not because I actually need one. When I was younger, I used to be almost ashamed of my flat chest, but now I totally embrace it...especially if it helps make my decision to not wear a bra. I definitely don't need one.


  2. They're uncomfortable, and they're not designed to be comfortable. They're leftovers from the archaic world of restraint-in-fashion, and are just fucking generally uncomfortable. Even the "most comfortable bra in the world" is still uncomfortable.

  3. I do what I want because I'm grown. Nuff said.

Why didn't I just stop wearing a bra before now?

Well, because I honestly knew I'd hear about it from someone at work who would notice; I wanted to completely avoid that situation altogether. I realize that situation should not happen ever, and if it were to happen it would not be brought upon by me directly, but I knew it would, so I didn't.

I remember as a kid, my mother coming home from a long day at work and the first thing she did was to pull her bra off, often exclaiming, "FINALLY!" Or something similar as she did it. I always thought wearing a bra was so cool, so I didn't understand why she did this...LOL

As girls developed into puberty and I lingered behind, I remember things like longing for the day my own boobs would emerge from my flat chest, feeling thankful that at least I could shave (hairy, flat-chested child...yep), and literally praying to start my period...late bloomers often do this, I learned later.


However, as I became an adult, I found myself engaging in the same getting home ritual as my mother, and no longer wanting to actually wear a bra, but decided that my nipples might poke into my shirts and that isn't appropriate for public, so I still needed to wear a bra.

What I've realized:

No one cares. I've been in super cold stores and was super conscious about getting looks...no one cares. It's amazing. I'm comfortable and I feel like my own personal morale has increased as at least a partial result.

It's so freeing. I really thought that it wouldn't feel like anything beyond the lack of the physical sensation of the presence of a bra...but it feels more than that, and it feels good.

The decision not to wear a bra, or to wear 3 bras, is totally up to the individual woman. I have known ladies who needed a bra to feel comfortable, and I say more power to the ladies. It's all about what makes us feel good...and we are so beautifully diverse!

What's your bra philosophy? Have you thought about it before?

PS: I included these old bra ads from decades over the years for purely educational purposes to show the sexualization in advertising and the very catalysts to our society equating wearing a bra with both decent living, as well as exuding sexuality. I think vintage ads serve an amazing educational purpose as a true mirror into ourselves in so many ways. We are more impacted as a society by these elements than we even know.

I'm working on new Electronic Cassette music today, in addition to getting ready for some fun gigs this weekend! Be sure to follow me on Periscope so you get notifications when these events go live!

I really hope you guys dug my bra-related philosophical manifesto soap boxing, and I hope you have an amazing weekend, Steemit! :)


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I wish I could 😝🙄

You're right about the media's role in crafting our culture's obsession with sex, and yeah, "chi-chis", as my son calls them. So good of you to find some of the specific ads that may have persuaded the ideals of beauty (in a misleading way). Great article, sister!


Back in the days before advertising had to be so subliminal...it was just in our faces. Today the message is the exact same, but it is delivered in much more psychologically subtle ways.

I feel like vintage ads are truly naked advertising in a sense...and it worked. It told people, fairly directly, what to think, and in turn, the people think those things. We still are fighting those stigmas today. Mind-boggling, really.

Thanks for checking out the article and letting me know it resonated with you! I appreciate it!!


Oh my, yes, I think you've hit the nail on the head with your summary of the Golden Age of advertising compared to modern advertising. I'm anxious to see more of your shares. Checking out your blog next.

Freeeeeeedom!!! Lol, good for you! I mean, don't get me wrong, as soon as I'm at home in comfort mode, I immediately let the girls out of boob jail 🤣 But as a plus size woman, this is absolutely not an option for me. Great article!

GOOD stuff!! My problem with bras is the societal thing where we "have " to wear pushup bras or some overly "sexy " uncomfortable thing. Forget that!
I stopped with WIRED bras many years ago. I've since transitioned to bralletes mostly... as they are SO comfortable. I have to wear sports bras for my running and other "higher impact " athletic endeavors since itd be painful for me otherwise. But i know which sports bra brands are comfy and which are not. The choice is then easy
.. stock up on the comfy ones !

When I'm at home or lounging ill go bra less. I even go bra less after working out and on my drive home. Not like I'm shirtless so what's the problem lol

I am big into i Dont care what society thinks, i don't keep up with any "fashion " trends i don't find to be comfortable and that DEF includes bras!
Rstmd and following thanks to @clayboyn for Resteeming so that i found this gem

Good for you! My wife and many of our friends (women) opt out as well, unless needed during exercising, etc.

The "bra" industry is big business, like oil companies, teaching girls at age 10 they have to strap these contraptions to their chest and body-shamming women to sell un-needed products. Afterall, your female nipples are far more shameful than my male nipples - so cover those things up. [sarcasm]

If a women has large breasts and needs support, they have the option, but to make it a "forced obligation" by society is harmful to self-image.


@steempowerpics This exactly. All the way, my friend. It's amazing to me how impactful this industry is on young women, and on young men's image of women...it plays a much bigger role than we give it credit most of the time, I think.

I also totally agree with you in regard to the choice aspect of all of this. I understand that some ladies just need a bra...and I'd count that in my sort of "list of reasons" that I encourage all ladies to look inward and examine about themselves...because it's really about our reasons for doing it.

I couldn't find any, so I stopped. When I was working retail and in a business where (for some reason) wearing a bra is equated with a level of hygiene (I take the same amount of showers lol), I figured I'd just wait until I wasn't doing that anymore and then make the change.

I also really appreciate the number of men who truly are behind a woman's choice in this regard. I live in the epicenter of the Free The Nipple Movement, and I have honestly been so impressed with the number of gentlemen who speak up on this topic in support and do not just brush it off as nothing...because it is something.

Always good to hear from you! Cheers!


Yeah it's one of those things, just burnt into the social fabric so much it's hard to break out of it. We and our close network opt for the nude beach over "normal" beaches if they are available. It's an instant lesson in "being happy in your own skin" and not judging anyone else by body type.

People forget that up until around 1903-ish ( I forget the exact year) men HAD to wear shirts to the beach and cover their chests in public. It was brought to court, and of course in the male-dominated world, men we allowed to go shirtless, but the law still forced women to cover up. Even then it took years for it to be publicly acceptable to see men shirtless.

We still have friends who are attached to bras like they are protective gear. Openly admitting they are not "big" enough to require support, but the only defense for continuing to wear them is "because we're supposed to". It's an answer I have problems with.

It's going to take time and effort to break free of it all.

I've stopped wearing bra's over a year ago. I never did wear them in the weekends and always took them off right after work. Those things are torture devices and I really don't need them. The only thing is, I need to wear something under or over a shirt, otherwise things get really... pointy when I'm cold and I don't really want people to notice it that well...


I have some camisoles and things of that nature that I'm sure I'll employ this fall and winter as the weather gets pointy...I totally understand your struggle, as this was something that acted as a huge personal deterrent for my own feelings of wanting to abandon the bras. I've finally decided that I really don't care that much.

The only thing that I worry about, I guess, is that I am a hugger and I don't want to make anyone uncomfortable by hugging someone if they happen to notice I don't have a bra on. I guess the reason I say that is I've known people who have spoken about people in that way, and it's one lingering concept that really mortifies me to think about, honestly. Lol any insight on that one?


Yeah, I don't really like that it's kind of a taboo, but it is and that does pose a bit of a problem at work. I just wear a small extra shirt underneath my regular one and things become less noticable. Winters are fine, as I always wear more than just a shirt :D

Oh wow, I never really thought about hugging as I'm not much of a hugger myself. I guess I wouldn't make much of a problem of it, but apparently, others do! Not really sure how to fix that little issue, except for not caring about what others think. Better yet, simply don't hug the ones who talk bad about people without bras on!

Very interesting, just today I was reading a story of a 16-year-old girl who lives in California where school officials punished her for not wearing a jacket, so she raised criticism in a social network where there were opinions of the most varied. I think they have to be free to choose what they want if they use it or not, it is a women's choice and they do not have to put up with people with an outdated way of thinking to tell them how they have to be dressed in case there is a Pervert nearby! Thank you very much for sharing! regards!


Thank you for contributing this story along with your thoughts and ideas to the discourse on this topic! I think it's so valid that it truly should be a woman's right to choose!! I, too, have noticed that folks use the pervert argument to control women into wearing whatever said body feels is appropriate...as a modest dresser myself, I can tell you I feel much more comfortable in a t-shirt and no bra as opposed to a low-cut shirt with a bra on...but that's just me. Choice is a beautiful thing, isn't it?

Thank you again for stopping by and leaving your thoughts with us!


The last word on us is ours alone, thanks

I stopped wearing bra while writing inside my flat but I still wear outside because It's such a hostile country to go around bra less. I definitely feel the difference before and after. My sleep quality was better and say good bye to backache !

It feels more free and I feel so much liberated bra less while writing some shit 😊I think more women should try at least bra less inside their home and feel the difference .


You know, this is an outstanding point. Even if women would just try it out at home, some might find that it makes an incredible difference! I know there are some ladies that just feel more comfortable with one on, and there are various reasons for that...but I challenge everyone to ask themselves why they wear one...and if they're like me and can't come up with any good reasons...just try it out!! :)

Sweeet! good idea... I've never worn a bra haha but I can imagine how free you must feel without one after wearing it for many years. Cheers and have a great weekend!


Did you see this wonderful post in my Re-Steem? You deserve that unique upvote for being such awesome curator @jeffjagoe 🙌


Yess! That must be where I saw it haha

FREE the TaTas!


I don't think it's a good idea to let mine free hahaha don't want to shock everybody 🙀

Upvoted. I got rid of my underwear as well.

i think half the women voted here because they agree with you and half the guys because they like seeing womens nipples poke out of their t shirts...! I try not to wear a bra but big busted gals get no love when their udders sag in public. one day they will make a material that supports without discomfort.

Awesome and hilarious post @jessamynorchard! Thanks so much for linking to me :)

I also remember wishing and wishing that I would start my period (another late bloomer here). Seems so silly now haha!

I totally agree with how freeing it is to dispense with bra wearing. It really is more than just the physical freedom... but then, I've never liked having do to anything!

Good for you!! I can't get rid of mine quite yet, because when out in public I just don't feel right without one!!


I wanted to abandon mine for years before I ever even tried it out in public...so I completely understand your sentiment.

If you do want to get rid of it, though, I recommend taking those little steps to ultimately feel comfortable! You'll be glad you did!!! :)


See, and I've lost enough weight in them I don't even really NEED a bra, I just can't stand the thought of my nipples hanging out! Lol. Maybe one day!!

If someone is worried about being in a cold situation, why not just use those stick-on covers? That way, you don't have to wear a bra, but also not worry about poking through and getting some unwanted attention.

I love this! Every single word of it! 🙌

I've been hearing many reasons to ditch the bra for health reasons. They cause breast cancer, make your boobs saggy, and so on. I've gotten a few non-underwired bralettes but... It's just not enough for my big ole girls... Haha! But I'd do the same if mine were smaller. And from my older lady family members, I can say they probably won't stop growing. 😕

kikikiki, funny yet intresting

Guys too often feel discomfort wearing boxers; #otherwise known as underpants in some region.

now my confusion is this,

  • to pant or not to pant
    I wish we also have the courage to get rid of it..

How funny, I just made my color challenge post yesterday about @johleen and specifically the bra or not to bra post :)


That's awesome! I was so happy that @hethur240 shared her post with me via resteem, because it really inspired me and I knew it was the time to go public with my own thoughts on the topic! Looks like it inspired a few of us!


It definitely did! But in my case I'm afraid that I will still have to wear one if I'm doing any kind of physical activity...running, especially running, these annoying things might give me a black eye if they're not strapped down.

Ha! My wife said that getting rid of it for the day means, "My day is done, I'm not going out....you do the shopping" hmmm...

I'm so torn between wearing one or not. I honestly feel like I would be more comfortable in a corset since my back is janky as well. You know I am a tiny human but my boobs are entirely too big for my frame and they weigh my shoulders down. I'm not particularly a fan of my tits flopping about, but damn do I get sick of underwire. I have yet to find a sports bra or whatever that is small enough for my ribcage and can contain my boobs as well. They're also two different cup sizes so my bra is an awkward size to keep the left one in. I randomly don't wear one at home but do in public, which is weird because I will strip down to undies and pasties for my sideshow act.
What a fucking nightmare. I hadn't put that much thought into it.

Side note: Have you seen the Drunk History episode about the lady that invented the bra? Good stuff 😆

hi! i'm glad to meet you :)

i started steemit, and i want to be your neighbor!

i voted and followed you! have a good day!

It's a very good initiation from the people ,by not wearing bra. This will help to reduce breast cancer . I am happy that my mummy also don't wear bra these days. I loved to read this post. This is amazing. Whoever and wherever you are, god bless you and stay happy

Some days I wear socks, other days I don't.

I put my own clothes on each day.

Who knew this was a personal struggle.


What I loved most about your post - and maybe it's missing the point a little - is all the old weird adverts. I love reading old adverts as they offer a window into cultures now fading. Plus I wrote adverts for a living so I can class it as historical research!


It's great that you are making informed choices.
More people should try that.

Well written and well done, be brave with your decisions and don't back down unless you feel like it.

I only get to see this after 4 days of being posted and I shared it with my wife @dandalion. I absolutely love it when we decided for her to stay at home and look after the things she can do at home. That meant freedom from having to wear bra and that is something she's been complaining about for 8 years we've been together. I hope the world will change it views about this.

Congratulations. Sounds like a liberating experience. I felt pretty liberated when I started wearing yoga meditation pants everywhere cause they're so comfortable. People ask me if I'm Buddhist a lot now.