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The morning is the your time to start anew and to start fresh.

So, just for a starter...what are the first things you do when you wake up? What is your routine? Please answer this question below and I'll make sure to reward the best comments with upvotes.

It's important...

I don't know for you but, when my morning doesn't go well, everything else doesn't goes quite as well as it could. The brain doesn't click into gear and I have a hard time focusing on productive work and I'm easily distracted by Youtube.

But when I follow my morning routine, everything falls into place.

Making it your own

I can't tell you exactly what your morning should consist of but there are principles that should guide our decision of what we should do in the morning.

Here are some good questions to ask yourself while designing your routine:

  • What is most important to me in the morning?
  • What simple thing I could do in the morning that would make me feel better?
  • What activities makes my brain foggy in the morning?
  • What activities makes me feel like I'm on fire?
  • When is the best time to wake up for me?
  • When am I most productive?
  • How long my waking up process should be before I start tackling work?

But here are my favorite questions:


  1. If I could live the perfect morning, what would it look like?
  2. What would be the impact of following that routine over the next 3 years?


  1. What would happen if I didn't have a morning routine and what would be the impact on my life over the next 3 years?


There is no better time than the morning to be journaling. I highly suggest you try to pick up the habit. It has been tough for me but every time I do it, I'm reminded of how powerful this habit is...especially in the morning to organize my thoughts.

Back to you

Tell me about your morning routine and what would be your best questions about how to develop a healthy morning routine. I'll make sure to reward the best comments :-)

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Mmm very interesting... not sure I would have ever really disclosed all of this here but I will because, well why not... honestly is key... No judgements?
I have got myself down to a 6 hour sleep schedule over months of training to be able to get enough sleep and focus during my awake hours (sometimes I may nap lol) so I tend to take up rather early around 5 or 530am. I am planing on a morning routine that involves the gym starting Sept, but for now... I wake up, put a pot of water on to boil for coffee, stretch, brush my teeth and do the other morning bathroom stuff, maybe a shower depending on hooow early I awaken. I then make my coffee which I use a french press, I let it sit for about 8 - 10 minutes. Here is where i feel some judge but oh well, its meeee, but I smoke a little bit of MJ to get the creative juices flowing in my mind(I know its a bad habbit, but its almost like a guilty pleasure that I find helps me rather than harms me, mentally that is. I only have the odd drink here or there so its not like im a raging substance user :D) I then pour the coffee, head to my computer desk and start scrolling through crypto news. I then head over to youtube and now Dtube and follow along for an hour or so with a few of my fav. mentors as they talk about many things. next I head to steemit and check all my replies and do a quick scroll through my feed to see if anything pops out quickly. Then I check my trading accounts and see if there are any good looking charts to dabble into for the day. I then head back to Steemit and do a more serious scroll through my feed and interact with the stories i feel are good ones ........ phew.... by then the ol' lady is up and I either head to work or well head for breakfast or something along those lines.....
My next goal is to somehow setup my work station in an out door or very naturally lit area somewhere so that when the fall season hits I can be comfortable in a natural setting while I do my morning routine...... Phew...
Cheers :)

There are definitely worse habits to have than a little MJ. I love the way it stimulates my brain.
Also, I'm a little jealous that you're so high functioning. I can't believe you do all that & then go to work! For me just the bits you mentioned would have been a high functioning day.
Love the fall outdoor idea, I may have to copy you!

Thank you for checking in :) you're right, everything in moderation is ok :)
Yup sometimes my days are really long, but they are fulfilling if that makes sense :)
You should find a sweet outdoor office spot and post about it :D


Heres the same work station Ive had since I got into this crazy crypto world :D

I usually tweet around 2am or 3am Central time.

Very interesting, I'm sure if it's agreed that the best thing will happen when applied

You got it :)
Thanks for stopping by

right good . steem on

Every morning is different for me :) this is bad from one point of view and kind of interesting from another. Why is it different? Because my body and brain totally rely on several things :

  • amount of sleep ( also depends whether the sleep was ongoing or I was waking up from time to time)
  • how I was feeling before going to sleep ( very often it results into the quality of the sleep)
  • whether my day is planned.
    So if I had 8-9 hours of sleep, I went to sleep not too late, not hungry and not sick and in the morning I will have a plan of the day - I am sure I will have a very productive morning. However, letš presume if I got upset in the evening and was thinking about it for half of the night, as result I was sleeping like 4-5 hours, nothing will help me in the morning I will be totally broken and only coffee might help me with a time.
    So yea every morning depends on many aspects, some of the can be controlled like time to go to sleep, proper eating etc, and some of them cannot - like emotional things.
    Why I find it interesting? Because every morning is different :) and sometimes it is even exciting to see myself fighting to make it more efficient.

Very interesting, I'm sure if it's agreed that the best thing will happen when applied

In the morning 3 questions I ask myself every day. Two of them are in the morning while lying there in bed with barely opened eyes. The other is one I keep asking myself over and over again during the day for the purpose of checking in with and staying aware of myself.
So, here are the questions and why they are important to ask.
Q1. What do I want to get done today?
Asking this question does 2 things. I creates an intentional path and it brings focus to my day. It makes me directly responsible for what I create in my day and… I can create anything I want. I am without excuse at the end of the day because the day was of my choosing.
This is also the only time of day when nothing will try to take control of it. It is just you and your thoughts. So, make what you want of it. It is in your total control.
Q2. How am I going to get it done?
This is the part when your eyes are just beginning to work. If you don’t have a pen and paper… or a journal next to your bed, you might want to start. Keep your phone somewhere else because as great of an organizer it is, it is also too great a potential distraction.
Write down what you are going to do and how you will get it done. Writing brings our thoughts and all that is virtual into the real world. I am not going to go into all that the brain researchers have to say about that but… when you write something down it engages you more fully with it. And we need to be focused and as fully engaged as possible with our days. So write down just what you are going to get done and how you are going to get it done on some paper or in your journal. Carry it with you throughout the day to keep you focused and on track because things will always come up to get you sidetracked.
Q3. What do I need right now?
This is the question you keep asking yourself all day long and relates to keeping our energy levels up throughout the day.
LOOK… our days are truly unpredictable. That is why we set our intention for our activity and tasks at the beginning of the day while we are still seemingly in control. But as we move thru our day things come up which wear us out, destabilize our focus and slow us down.
To stay at our optimal performance we need to be constantly checking in with ourselves and asking ourselves what it is that we need. It may be something as simple as a glass of water or a bite to eat.

I mean, how many times have we missed a meal and pushed thru a project because we just forgot to eat when eating something would have made us sharper and more productive as our day progressed? Maybe we need a nap to get back up to peak performance or just to sit down and read something light.
There will be times when we will be ablaze with energy, creative thought and hyper-productivity all day without a break and other days when we will hit the ground dragging.
Whatever it is, we need to be constantly checking in with ourselves, checking in with our body, mind and emotion to see what it needs to keep us running at peak performance. We are Ferraris and not Fords. We need to be in tune with what is happening with our body, mind and emotion all day long to keep running at our peak.
At the end of the day, throw away that piece of paper. The day is over, you did your best and that is all we can expect of ourselves. Tomorrow will be another, very different day because that is what we will create for it.
I have found for me that making this a daily practice has given me more focus and kept me flowing more efficiently thru my day and it is my with that, if you adopt this practice, it will do the same for you.

That's a lot of great knowledge to share in one comment, thank you!


Go to bed by midnight and awaken at 8:30 in the morning - but just lie there and allow my body to be at peace in the comfort of my bed. Then get up, shower and have my morning coffee while reading or journaling. Spending about an hour. Adding what you want to accomplish today to be more meaningful to my day to help others.

Then I get dressed, and take one last look before I head out. The best thing is to have flexibility in your day to be able to stop and just smell the roses of life. If I could do this everyday, life would be so stressfree and carefree - unfortunately there are days you cannot stick to your routine; especially if you oversleep and have to be somewhere in fifteen minutes.

I thank you for your post @cryptoctopus, here - it really got me thinking how important one's morning routine really is to our personal health and well-being.

Very interesting, I'm sure if it's agreed that the best thing will happen when applied

Great questions. It's very interesting because for me, I am constantly battling with my morning routine. For example, I write down exactly the things I should do, stick it on my noticeboard and then don't follow it through. I am often jealous of my husband who is so disciplined at sticking to his routine. If something goes wrong in my morning (like this morning - long story!) it really impacts the rest of my day. And what happened wasn't even a big deal, but it affects my day which is not a good thing. We should control our emotions and not the other way round. But because of this, I didn't exercise today because my mindset wasn't where I wanted it to be. So it's kind of like a cycle. I have listened to or read countless tips on good morning habits including what successful people do in the mornings. I think if I can learn to tackle the first 2 hours of my day, I can tackle anything. But it's a matter of perseverance and discipline. I am not a quitter though so watch this space :)

Everytime I woke up, I never forget to thank the Lord. I didn't pray for myself, instead I pray for my parents. I pray for their physical, emotional and mental well being. Because I know that they're just acting strong for my sake. I thank God for every blessings that I received and for the blessings that I'm about to receive. And I also pray to God how sorry I am for all the sins that I committed and how more than a sinner I am. I stayed on bed just a couple of minutes just realizing stuffs. Reflecting on myself, mostly asking myself what I've done wrong, what are the things I should've done, and what should I do to make it right.

After that, I will stretch and go straight to the comfort room to freshen up. Doing my morning routine, brushing my teeth, taking a bath, and just the common morning routine that a normal people do.

Then, I'll be greeting every member of the family. Helping my mom preparing breakfast and also with the dishes.

I work from home so I don't have to to outside. Maybe sometimes when I need to walk my dog and also having some morning walk or run.

I think that's all I can share. Have a good and nice day! God bless. 😊

Very interesting, I'm sure if it's agreed that the best thing will happen when applied

The first thing I do when I wake up is thank God for giving me another day to live a healthy life .

Then I go to everyone's room and say good morning to all my family because without family , I wouldn't be who I am today .

I am very much of a morning person , I like to wake up early in the morning to get more work done . I feel like people who tend to stay in bed during their mornings do not get as much done . The sun is my inspiration .

I too start my day with being thankful for the day... prayers and gratefulness. I flex my body and do some warm-up exercises (HIT) for at least 10 minutes before sitting on my table for some journaling. I have been doing reflection and writing on almost daily basis for the past 15 years now. It has been such a healing and rewarding process though I must admit, some days, it is hard to write.

Reflection and writing is one of the most powerful ways to start the day and to guide your mind through the day's challenges because it pushes you to ask the fundamental questions what you did with yesterday (a canceled check), what are you gonna do with today (cash) and what you might do with tomorrow (a promissory note). I will encourage everyone to keep a journal. You must not fill all pages, you must not write a full page... just write whatever comes to your mind over time, you will build a struggle and your thoughts will become more organized... something you can pass over to unborn generations.

Happy steeming people :)

happy steeming people,, yeaah

Very interesting, I'm sure if it's agreed that the best thing will happen when applied

i think in morning we need to have golden hour where we plan our day,week and life, so we write what is important and what we need to do, also its important to have ~ 30 minute to think how i can make my work more efficient what steps i need to do:) Also its important to have some healthy habits at morning so you will live longer and more happy

As i commented on your post yesterday, my chef's life has really upset everything in my life! Even my sleep!
For the first 10 years of my career I was only working evening shift, this means i was always going to bed very late and waking up at around 11.30am for 10 years! Just imagine the habit!
Then when i was promoted exec chef, for the next 5 years i started to wake up at 5am-6am everyday and worked till late! My sleeping time was then at 1am everyday for 5 years.
Now since i stopped the job, i am finding it very difficult to lead a normal life, but i am putting a lot of effort in getting all straight , hope i achieve it soon.

Many of us would be morning people if we simply gave ourselves the opportunity to sleep more at night. A sleep adapted to the needs of our body gives us the energy, health and motivation to do things in the morning and throughout the day.
Although adults are usually recommended to sleep between 7:00 am and 9:00 am, everyone is different. To test your sleep needs, you should spend a week without waking up (like when you are on vacation). Go to bed at the same time every night, and watch how many hours on average before you wake up yourself in the morning]. Set up a constant routine for your bedtime and bedtime, whether on weekdays or weekends. It is of course tempting to lie down a little later on the days when you do not have any morning responsibility that awaits you, however know that upholding a consistent routine will put your body in condition.
Remove one hour at the end of each day. You can not ask the clock to go directly from 10 pm to 11 pm, but you can not expect anything in the hour before you go to bed, work or anything else. You must have time to get back to calm before you sleep

When i wake up in the morning, the first thing come in my mind to make a nice Moroccan tea with mint, after i star thinking what i have to cook for lunch, after i made a list of the activities which i have to do for my journey, then I can start my day happily without stress , and i like to read arabic poem, and some social stories, because i like the literature, it's my specialty, and the other time i give it to my daughter for playing and enjoying.

Very thought provoking post. The first thing I do when I wake up is thank God for another day and the many blessings He sends my way.

At this point my two cats have come in to let me know they are hungry and, once I have fed them, I go downstairs and make the "all important" pot of coffee.

Now, it's computer time. First off checking the markets and bank and on to the fun of Steemit and checking to see what is happening and what everybody is doing. I just love the international interaction with so many interesting and talented people.

I guess once I have done all this I am ready to get down to business since I am more of an afternoon person as far as getting things done.

My morning routine starts off every day with an internal struggle where I decide how badly I want to wake up "early" to begin my morning workout routine or "snooze" and get some extra sleep. After my workout, I get showered and dressed and head off to work. My trip to work includes grabbing a coffee on my way out the door and the first thing I do before I start working is grab some water and catch up on any personal matters that I was unable to complete the prior day, or came up overnight. Then I get cracking at work!

Lately I have been good and going for my morning run, doing some stretching, and starting my day "early". I'm trying to make this daily effort into a true routine where it becomes automatic. Since I don't think it's necessary to run every day, I will have to figure out the right mix of morning exercises to perform so I continue to go to sleep and wake up at the same time every day.

I am far from a morning person, so keeping a routine is crucial to being successful in my morning efforts!

After i wake up, i eat and then hit the gym. Since i am doing this my level of energy has skyrocketed. I no longer need to drink coffe at every hour of the day. I am glad i quit that damn thing.

My first morning actions are a bit strange:) First of all really first of all) I go to my working desk and prepare all the materials I will need form drawing today. If digital - I open PS and create canvas I need, and settle the brush, If traditional - I prepare water for watercolor and all the pencils and pens. The reason is simple - it's much easier for me to come afterward when everything is ready. And only then I have breakfast, ect:)

Your action is good for one day of you.

The best time is early in the morning but it also important that get sleep at least 6 hours.The most important to me in morning to wake up itself,Take bath and pray then go walk feel better after breakfast,If someone disturb me while sleeping that disturbance make my brain foggy all day till i not sleep.

When I get up in the morning I try to exercise and then meditate for a few minutes. I also write down at least one thing I am grateful for in my life. I started doing this about two years ago and it has made an incredible difference in my life. Before, I felt like I was falling apart. Now, I feel like I have a consistent touchstone every morning that gets me going strong for the day. Great post today @cryptoctopus. Thanks for your work on this.

My wake up routine starts with drinking at least 2 glasses of water. Then I wash my face and I brush my teeth. I make my bad and start working out for 20 minutes. After that I make shower and I take care about my grooming. When I am done with that I dress up (I choose the clothes the evening before because saves a lot of time for me) and start having my breakfast. While I eat I also read the cryptocurrencies news and then I am good to go.

Hmmmm. First i want to thank you because this is an eye opening post. I have never thought of this and hencefort i will add more color to my morning and since it indicate how the rest of my day will be ,i will definatly make my morning awsome.

My daily morning routine was

  • to play a christian song and read my bible.
  • do some excercise ,take my birthday and head straight to school.
    *Drafting a plan of what i will love to achieve before the day runs out.

morning is most important time of day,
usually i start waking up and taking shower in shower im thinking of what i will do in this day so some sort of planning, after that breakfast- breakfast is most important part of morning because if you have healthy breakfast you will have energy for all your day, second part of breakfast is spend time with family , many forget this part, but its very important! I think this routine help me to be happy and efficient :)

Well i just start with a cup of Tea in the Mini Garden area and Relax in the Midst of the Nature listening to the Chirping of the Birds that make me happy,after that get Ready for the day and list down all the Things that i need to do on that day and simply do those things first which can be done fast to improve productivity and give some boost to myself i am not a great person in giving someone advice :)

Great post and so inspiring information and a good reminder of how important rutines are.
I start my day with waking up, getting ready for work by drinking a cup of coffee and walking my dog. This is a great routine but it has taking me a while to get here cause I hade the tendency to be up way to late and sleep about 3 hours per night and it affected everything, I couldn't get myself to get things done and I slept 1 hour in the evening almost every day cause I was so tired. Really bad circle 😕
But then one day I had enough and slept 6,5 hours per night and was more awake than ever and had more energy. Amazing how changes can be life changing 😊 thank you for sharing this.

Well, opposite to the popular opinion I don't start a day with a beer. More like healthy breakfast and a big coffee. I'm angry at myself that I immediately check coinmarketcap. I should really stop that. But hey! Better than facebook addiction :D

Mentioned you in my last post and sent people your way. I hope it gets you some more clicks. Also, used your picture but I can edit if you want. 100% here,too.


What I love about mornings is about the feeling of being grateful since our God had given us another day to spend with our loved ones. Also, our morning moods often define how our day will be spent.

I just came beck from holidays and having troubles start working :)

I get that. I just came back from honeymoon

Oh, great, congrats😁

A short thank you prayer before freshening up is what makes my day. A healthy breakfast takes me through phase one of the day. Thanks for asking:)

Yes this is a most important reflection and engagement, I didn't used to do this but ever since I do my life has been consistently more temperate. I have been able to build on my morning routine and can continue to do so now once again with these questions you have provided. Thank you!

I find waking up to an alarm clock is the worst start to any day. Waking up naturally seems to get me off to the best start.

I agree morning is when we are fresh and filled with inspiration after a good night's sleep.

I just wrote an article on how I start my day at my office on the beach, and I hope you check it out, my friend. BTW, I love the way you think and why it is why I follow you so closely.

First thing is usually a cup of tea then meditation. Great post :)

What is most important to me in the morning? Waking up feeling positive!

What simple thing I could do in the morning that would make me feel better? Getting up and moving!

What activities makes my brain foggy in the morning? Watching senseless television~

What activities makes me feel like I'm on fire? Going out to run!

When is the best time to wake up for me? Usually 5am

When am I most productive? early morning or late night

How long my waking up process should be before I start tackling work? I am ready pretty quick!

Very interesting and true! I have a routine that I do every morning and if for some reason I can't do or get side tracked from my routine, the whole rest of the day feels off to me! Not sure if that is a good or bad thing that I am so reliant on a routine, but it works for me! Thanks for sharing!

Some good advice here, i suck at mornings but i am always up early! I think i might give some of your suggestions a go for the next week and see how it goes.

Do you follow this daily?

As long as I am home, I follow my routine. When I am traveling and stuff, it's really difficult.

wow that takes some discipline for sure. I need my sleeeeeeep!

whoa, starting the day with journaling. Something challenging. For me will be #coffee and a simple breakfast.

it's definitely better than no breakfast like I use to!

yup, I was a no breakfast guy too.

my perfect morning starts with perfect bowel movement

The first thing I do is drink a glass of water in the bed. It helps in hydration.

First of all i made my bed.
I also have my morning power questions. I will write about it later.

Fun to discus this matter! Well I practicly always do the same in the morning. My alarm goes off, I stop the alarm go for a pee and head straight to the terras to smoke my morningcigarette :). Then i go to my computer and surf to the page of coinmarketcap to check how bitcoin did when I was asleep, checking steemit to see if it suddenly has risen to 10 dollars (wich still hasnt happend) and checking the other altcoins. The next step is checking my post under tab blog, surf to steemnow.com to check the actual price there and to see if I am not at 100% votingpower while looking if I got some upvotes on comments made and Wich percentage. Then I wasted already to much time and I need to shoot my cigarettes in a hurry to prepare for work, putting some beverages in my backpack and hyrru to the bus. while heading to the bus I remember i dont got any food so I make a pitstop at the local shop or panos. Thats so what what happens every day haha. I need this routine. I need to do these things in that order. If for once I do it differently I feel quite strange and it affects my day. Sometimes in a positive way but sometimes not. In the comming 3 years alot will change. It will be different since i will go live with my girlfriend some other place and i will ahve a car at my disposal.

mmm.. breakfast? xD

Good morning. I always want perfect morning and my question is why i didn't get it 😁

I can not answer about this ..

Usually, when I wake up, I understand that you can still sleep the same))

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Good tips! I like to let the shower hit the middle of my forehead for a few minutes every morning to help clear out my mind and help me focus on the day ahead.

Here on the pulse of this new day, You may have the grace to look up and out And into your sister's eyes, into Your brother's face, your country And say simply, Very simply, With hope, Good Morning.

Good post and good advice. But how many people would take it? I personally have always had a good routine and always eat breakfast. I am certian that this has helped me keep good metabolism and a reasonably healthy lifestyle. Stay well. JV

have a cup of coffee with a piece of cake and smoke a cigarette

I immediately make myself a coffee - without it I will not wake up, and open my aipad. Until I see the exchange of crypto-currencies and Steemit, I will not calm down :)

Great Post .

Regards to know ya steam friends .. hopefully we can be friends well

Great posting..i like this story.

Interesting post. Following and upvoted and thanks again for following! :)

Congratulations @cryptoctopus!
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nice picture

great post, I love the positive vibe.

Good and interesting post!

Every morning begins a new day.
And I try every day make photos.

The winners are losers who stand up and try once more.

Yeah iam agree with you. I think morning is good time for coffee. Cause our brain has recharge and need some triggers from coffee to make our feeling good. :)

In the morning i generaly put on the boilar and poor myself a nice cup of tea and turn on the radio. Wake up the kids and dress the table for breakfast. When the kids get downstairs dress them clean them (if needed :D). Help them with the food and after get them ready for school. My ladie takes them to school, depending on what shift i have i either go to sleep or get ready for work.

I believe waking up the kids a little earlyer would make it all more relaxed and less hush hush. The speed at wich morning passes is to fast. The foggy idee is definatly what clothes do i take out for the kids :D.

So my mornings run around my 2 angels!

Every morning I do some rituals: 1. meditation, focusing on my dreams and positive moments I have in life now. 2. Exercises. 3. Every morning I drink water, a lot. All thise things wake me up fast and make my mood great for all day

  • What is most important to me in the morning?

  • What simple thing I could do in the morning that would make me feel better?
    More sleep

  • What activities makes my brain foggy in the morning?
    Lack of sleep

  • What activities makes me feel like I'm on fire?
    Setting myself on fire?

  • When is the best time to wake up for me?

  • When am I most productive?
    Any time except mornings

  • How long my waking up process should be before I start tackling work?
    Ideally, 2 minutes. Realistically, the better part of the day. Just let me sleep already!

Without coffee, I am nowhere.
I am not sure this list of questions is applicable to everybody

As much as it may seem counter-intuitive, I have found that when I start off my day with exercise, I have more energy throughout the rest of the day. I am NOT a morning person, and COFFEE is my morning savior every day.

However, I start the day off with a 10-15 minute jog or some weight lifting exercises, shower, then get my coffee .. and I haven't found a better morning routine yet. Maybe something like that will work for you, since you sound similar to how I was before I got into a morning "routine".

Usually my morning routine when I'm at home is waking up, getting some coffee and making some breakfast (usually eggs, bacon, and some fruit).

Then I check some tasks to see which ones are most important to complete as soon as possible. Honestly, now with Steem ... I tend to put posting content a daily important task :) - I've noticed that I have been writing more often, which is great. Thanks to Steem!

But for a good morning start, has to start with good rest beforehand. I've found that those nights I stay up late til 2 or 3AM, I'll wake up the next morning groggy and have a super late start ... it really throws off the entire day schedule and at times, I tend to not get much done, which is why I reserve those stay up late days to be more on Friday and Saturday nights ... simply because I want to have as much productive mornings from Monday to Friday mornings.

Although I'm a digital nomad with flexible schedule ... I find that most of my other friends always work the Mon-Fri schedule, so in order to have time to hang out with them, it's usually only ever on the weekends, so I'll still complete all important web design and/or work tasks during the week days.

Well, it's very simple but I believe that it is effective and works for me. First, once I'm awake and cognizant, I stretch as I am laying in bed for a few minutes. That way I allow my brain to slowly remove itself from the dream state and recognize reality. Second, I get up and go to the kitchen and drink a glass of water. That gets my internal organs processing again and it refreshes me. After that, I go to the bathroom and relieve myself. That obviously detoxes my body of fluids that I've been holding in all night. Then I will go back into the kitchen and undertake my first small task...taking out cold tea or juice from the refrigerator and leaving it to warm up a little. After that, I'm sufficiently awake enough to go check my e-mails and finish up any correspondence that I didn't get to the previous night. After about 10 minutes, I'll go to the kitchen again to enjoy the cool, but room temperature-ish tea or juice and prepare any food I'm going to eat for breakfast....and then starts the rest of my day. At that point, I'm sufficiently energized and awake. Rereading it, it's pretty boring, but that's the routine that gives me a good amount of an energy boost.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Usually the first thing is a shower, then start up my pc, then make a cup of tea and get me some bread while I watch some tv-show. Not always going like that though. Sometimes I am thinking like "hey" let's check Steemit for a moment, and before I know it it's 2 hours later....

Oof. As someone with no morning routine currently wandering aimlessly through life, the question about the impact that will have on my life is a wake up call to my brain.
It's the difference between setting myself up for success or suffering really.
So now not only do I have to develop a morning routine, but gain the awareness each day on whether I'm going to set myself up to succeed or struggle.
Blargh, that's 2 posts in a row you've made me think. I mean, yay!

Every morning, when I wake up. My routine are the following, I check and change my little girl diaper, she's 1 year and 2 months now. I also prefer formula to feed her. Then, fix myself for my day job and ate my breakfast to fuel my day. And before I go to work, I wake her mom (my wife) and drive to work. Her mom also had to go office so she's the one who wake my little Jane's nanny.

I believe every morning is different in a unique way, meaning we can't have the same type of morning everyday . The major thing is to understand that you are waking to see a new day,start a new plan to continue from where you stopped from the previous day and really when you see a new Dawn it simply says NEW PLAN AND I DARE O BE DIFFERENT. AS FACES ARE DIFFERENT SO THE PROBLEMS ARE.WHAT I DO AS MY ROUTINE IS, I JUST KILL THE UNNECESSARY THINGS AND KEEP THE THINGS ON MY PIORITY LIST FIRST. THIS IS MY DEFINITION A MORNING START.

Nice post with good creative ideas about our life from @cryptoctopus

  1. I'm wake up daily 4.30 AM ...it is never unforget me...
  2. After I wake up, fristly I'm drinking "Full Hot water glass"...and specialy I wand see my mother lovely photograpy on wall in my bed room...
  3. I think these actions is very important to for continue my healthy life and happy fresh mind...
  4. My mother is always wish and pray for success to my lufe and future...
  5. We try always build and continue our healthy life and we want workhard success to our life..
    Thank you so much sharing this post with us...

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I also believe being debt free is a factor in productivity, it helps to keep your mind clear and focus. thanks for the great post @cryptoctopus

Very inspiring, I will soon practice


I find getting up early crucial - 5.30 @ the moment, even on weekends. Sometimes as early as 4.00 a.m. on weekdays.

I leap out of bed, however groggy, do some basic movement/ stretching for 5-10 minutes, then cook and eat a seriously delicious and nutritious bowl of porridge, fruit and seeds, wash my pan and bowl, do basic seated Zen meditation for 20 minutes, then ablutions (LOVE that word!), dress and generally prep. for the day (if I'm going to work, pack lunch, back my gym bag for later in the day); then I'm ready to either head out and face the world or stay in and do something more constructive.

A good idea is to leave your phone on charge in another room overnight rather than using it as your alarm: I find it stops me checking email and social media platforms first thing on waking, which isn't conducive to mindfulness - If I leave it in another room, I get a good solid waking hour offline, and then I make checking my online connections my first work task.

That's me anyway!


I do not want to organize all my activities. I let it go just like that every day. But I do not forget to consume fruit juice in the morning after waking and a little light exercise movement.
Move and get tired as usual every day, and in the evening immediately fell asleep favors, even if my wife invites me to make love, because sex is one of the sports that nourish the heart and mind

In the morning, you need to walk for healthy.

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