What is the difference between life with effort and life without effort?

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Two years ago, I met a young mother from the same city on the Internet.

She used to live without regularity, stay up late, and go to bed late was her daily routine. Because of late sleep, her skin is full of pox. She always gets up late in the morning, and doesn’t have the habit of eating breakfast, dizzy every day, often furious for a little trifle.

Then she stumbles upon an opportunity, she went on a business trip, attended a training, see a lot of young people through the form of self-clocking, cultivates good habits. With curiosity, she also began to participate, and then she and another mother from the same city came back and created a group chat, want to change for the better together.


They begin to share nutritious breakfast in the group, send out a quote every night from the text they like, and jog every week. A little bit, they change themselves, but also affect the people around, some people began to join their group.

Now me and a few other partners who have never seen each other have joined the group, and I usually check in the group in the form of a list of important things that I did on the day. It's been almost 2 years now. I insist on getting up early to read, daily reflection, and strive to improve myself.

In fact, there are many people like us who want to change themselves, but there are not many people who really take action and stick to it. Most people are just making a big decision in the beginning, but after a while, they slowly give up and return to their comfort zone.

Your insistence make you a hasty end when you do not see the results, that the effort and no effort is the same result, but is it so?

Hard-working people will become more and more fond of themselves.

Another girl who created the group said: "The things that she once thought she would never do, she did not expect to happen on her bit by bit."

She used to not believe that she can speak in public, being shy and embarrassed.

When she and her friends in the group read aloud every night, she felt her voice accompanied by music, and she had the confidence she had never had before. Later, she was the emcee for a variety of activities.

When she was dressed in a proper costume, makeup, standing in front of the crowd, uttered the words under the auspices of many exercises, she feels like she was dreaming. From the surprise expression of her friend, she knew she did it.

She is more and more receptive and fond of herself now.


Make a hearty, nutritious breakfast every day, and enjoy it with her husband. Her husband often travels, she can do her own things happily. After work, she will practice ukulele, skin care, meet with friends, reading, writing a diary ...

People who do not work hard will only see the progress of others and envy the talents of others. They will feel other people's good life, complaining about their own bad life. In fact, the real impact on their progress and change, is not they don’t want to work hard, but they afraid of hardship and excuses, and escape from the reality.

People who do not work hard always feel that they can’t, later, sure enough, they can’t do anything.

The hard-working and not hard-working people all have a busy day. The former is enrich themselves from the trivial life experience, the latter is paralyzing themselves in the life of the blind busy.

If you find a goal in your life, you will make a poem of every day.

The process of hard work makes you want to have a future full of expectations. Hard-working looks more beautiful.

When talking about hard work, most people will bombard with a lot of excuses: Who doesn't want to improve themselves? Reading, learning, exercise, skin care, all these need time to do it. Every day is busy, who still have the energy to do this?

These words seem to make sense. Busy, is normal for modern people.


Some people are busy to improve themselves, some people are busy to take care of the family, there are people busy doing whatever to earn money to support the family, whip by the life to keep running forward. More people are busy playing games, gossip, watching drama, limited time will always “past in busy”. The new day came and sigh with regret again.

People who want to work hard but are always reluctant to act, will also "kindly" remind you: “You have been working hard for so long, you are still the same. Work has not changed, money also did not earn more, you still the same you, but less entertainment time to relax, so hard to live. What's the difference between work hard and not work hard?"

There is also such a voice in your ear: “You now only start to work hard, you are too old, not enough energy, how can you compete with the young people? Forget it, just settle down your life, don't always think of working hard to achieve your dream, those are just useless things.”

Is effort really useless?

The meaning of effort is not about how quickly you see the result, it's not about how much you get. Instead, in every day's trivial life, in the daily necessities, dig a small hole, pull yourself away, quietly stay for a while. Get pleasure from reading and thinking, feel the beauty from music art or writing, find your flexible thinking from contacting with new things and obtain a kind of inner peace. Those who do not work hard will never really appreciate it.

You who are working hard, it might not change much on the outside, but from the inside, you are springing up, slowly jointing growth. Turn on the computer, you will travel in the depth of the information, fiddle with the phone, you will stride forward in the direction with the temptation. Because there is a voice in your heart reminding you, move forward, this way, yes, in this the direction …

When you get used to the hard work now, you will become addicted, and you will find that what you want to do is doing one thing.

Congratulations, you've worked hard.


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"strive to improve myself" Well, that is a positive thing that I could start doing from now on. This post is very motivating. Thanks!

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