Steem Challenge - What Travelgirl Can Get for 5 Steem in Sydney, Australia

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Hi Steemians,

Thank you to @promo-mentors founder @futurethinker for inviting me to take the 5 Steem Challenge. This challenge is a crossover with @fundition was to see what I could get for 5 Steems which equates to approx $5.50AUD at the time of filming.

Anyone who would like to try this out should because I would love to see more people participating and spread the word about Steem.

5 steem copy

I’m actually surprised on some of the stuff I can get for $5.50 or less especially Lego! The most expensive thing that I got with 5 Steem, in my opinion, was the bag of sweet bread but I couldn’t resist as its one of the nice ones you get from the Asian bakery.


The other thing I love buying from the Asian grocery are the Vitasoy packet drinks. It’s not cheap as they are imported from Hong Kong so therefore doesn’t come in for a cheap price. Just as a pack will set me back for $5.50AUD but if you buy 3 packs you can get it for $4.99.

IMG_3635 (1)

If you don’t want any food or drinks, you can get other good with the Steem like we did on the day. I bought an activity pack for my kids at Kmart for $5AUD. Not bad considering they got loads of fun out of it and I had an hour or two of peace an quiet (priceless!).


Check out the video below to see what else you can get for 5 Steem. I also attempted to get myself lunch for 5 Steem which I thought was pretty good.

IMG_1124 (1)

I have also shared this to my Twitter account where you can find here:

Come and join in the fun and see what you can get for 5 Steem in your city.


Thanks for reading & watching!

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MUFFINs... loads of them plus, bread/toastiesssss. and milk!!!


Ahhh hk will be so much cheaper than in Sydney la


qualities issuessssss. HK is too expensive to live now.


Yes I know 😭

Oh this is so cooool! Definitely gonna do this!


yah join in the fun!

The vitasoy is so expensive at yr place, I just buy one this morning for ~hkd 15


yah i think the shipping is too expensive. Anything imported is expensive unfortunately :(

This is a fun idea, spending your steem on your travels. I like it. Let's hope soon 5 steem will be able to pay for an hotel room! To the moon steem, I'm waiting patiently :)


i think we are all waiting for that day to come for Steem haha

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