What I miss from Japan ... Indoor Bathroom Dryer

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Every weekend I’m busy because the house is chaotic with the boys around & needing to get as much laundry done as possible preparing for the new week. Where I live, I don’t like leaving the clothes outside because we have large eucalyptus tree right above us so there is a possibility that bird poop, wee, leaves or any small crawly animals can get into the clothes. Don’t call me paranoid because it has happened once where I found a big spider inside the foot of my baby’s onesie so from then on, I leave the clothes inside to dry.


So this time of the week is stressful. Trying to do two loads of washing, the house has laundry hanging everywhere. This is when miss the huge air dryer we get in Japan. You might say just get a dryer, but unfortunately, our laundry is not very big so doesn’t fit a dryer. Due to the limited space in Japan houses, they need to fit as many things as possible in a small apartment and this includes a dryer. They have added clothes drying feature in their bathroom, therefore, you can just wash your clothes, hang them there and they will dry in a few hours (depending on your setting). This is what it looks like below.


There are different functions in this bathroom including a fan, clothes dryer etc and also the option to change the “timing” of each. So the left button is for the dryer and then I chose the max of 8 hours to ensure all our winter clothes are dried in time for the next morning. How convenient is that? Do you have these in your country?



animation by @catwomanteresa

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Very cool, wish my apartment had the same thing

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I used to live in a tiny apartment. I put my clothes in the bathtub like this to air dry. Sometimes they clothes smell a little musky. I hated going to the laundromat.

with this dryer i haven't had any bad smell yet from a few japanese stays

I ordered a small Japanese dryer online for my little apartment at the time. It was a fantastic dryer.

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這個好方便喔! 我都是掛起來在房間裡開除濕機

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我想很多 asian 地方都會是這樣的




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