One of those Really Strange and Nonsensical Headlines You're Used to Seeing from Me

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I really suck at being a follower so thanks for making me feel invited.

So far, the honey in the hive is passing the purity test.

I think I saw a meme on Facebook once, posted by a hot chick I used to want to fuck. It said something like, "If you can't put up with me at my worst, you don't deserve me at my best."

I found out later, even her at her best was annoying.

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I don't like hype.

To me, my brain automatically converts hype into lies. My mind travels to all those fast food hamburger commercials. It looks so good, and I really like burgers.

Then I get it home and it's slop. Licking the television would have brought me more joy and saved me ten bucks.

Another thing that pisses me off about hype is how often I've fallen for it. I tend to process these things internally for hours on end and then...


There's brain and thoughts all over the walls! Nobody is safe!

I've studied things that somewhat make me smart at times. I don't want to get into details because playing dumb was part of the course.

I needed to find a way to sift through the hype and get straight answers.

One of the best ways to get pure honesty is to give pure honesty. One of the best ways to show honesty is to be openly pissed off about something.

Thank you for visiting my post yesterday to give me some honest feedback. I needed that.

I don't go to the big game just to watch the cheerleaders.

Yes, they're gorgeous and I do glance over from time to time. They serve no real purpose though, can be kind of annoying, and sometimes distract people away from seeing the best catch in history.

Cheerleaders also repeat the same things, in unison.

Currently, there are few good posts about Hive, full of necessary details. The rest is noise and I'm annoyed with that hype.

I'm looking for a place where I can feel confident in a future. Not another crypto project that's hyped through the roof and then slowly (sometimes quickly) goes stale.


I don't have a home now.

In case you haven't heard, Steemit Incorporated is now censoring posts.

At this very moment, I write in fear. I could be silenced at any minute, on Steemit.

This could be my final post on Steem.

I don't require a choir of cheerleaders to know what home looks like.

This is not my home.

I looked into Voice as well and I already know my brand won't fit in there. Some educated idiot might come along and misinterpret cartoon violence as gore and take off-color humor seriously. It wouldn't shock me if I got banned on Voice for attempting to explore the arts while maybe pushing a few of society today's barriers down and pissing on them.

Maybe I'm wrong but Voice doesn't seem like a place that wants entertainment, and that's fine. You don't go to the library to do a comedy show. I'm smart enough to know you can't order a prostitute at the pizzeria.


Are you people fucking serious about this?

Give me a fucking stage and I will bring the people. I'm going to test you motherfuckers to see what you're made of.

I had stated in my Decentralization and Thoughts on Toilet Paper post:

I... prefer to have a place where I can explore the arts freely without the fear of petty differences cultivating nonsensical consequences. Take that freedom away; I go away.

I wasn't bluffing.

In all my years being involved with Steem, I never once thought I'd say something like:

This fucking Steem is getting dirtier and dirtier by the day.

Seeing those posts get censored was the final straw for me.

Since the eyes are what's truly valuable in this world, I can't see myself giving folks a reason to come to Steem and look at this filth.

I have officially lost everything, including my mind. I'll go over to Hive and see if it's there.

If it's not, well...

Fuck it.

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"Maybe I'll go buy a hamburger now with my hard earned STEEM."
"Just so I can shit it out."


Go eat some Coronaburger =P

Why am I thinking about beer again? (See? It's subliminal)

Yeah I finished a case instead of cherishing it. Now I have to go to the store to get Corona but I don't want to get Corona.

I guess we will see if the builders built i right soon enough. Some time that phrase "If you build it they will come" falls down due to shoddy construction, or lack of up keep. I think steem block chain started out with somewhat okay construction, but then failed to do the required upkeep on they foundation. Let's hope that Hive and the community that does join are able to keep the construction up to par at least.

I had no problem with Steem until Steem starting giving me problems.

I think that is the issue a lot of people are seeing. I will still have my steem account for another 2 1/2 years. Depending on content availability of Hive, my steem account will just be a voting account for content here, there is just no way I can vote and comment in two chains. It takes time to find content, then to read content to vote content, and if I feel like it to comment on content. Only so much time in a day.

I don't know what I'll do. I'm sure most of the incentives to hold steem will be removed soon enough.

Let me put it this way though:

If they don't want people to see something, then I won't look.

It breaks my heart someone might post here and I won't be around to see it. They know where my eyes will be though.

I'm planning to migrate to Hive as well. Fuck censorship. See you on the other side.

You'll see me there but if I find it's just a clique winning all the prizes, I'm out.

For sure. One thing I know is, I'm not publishing on Steemit anymore, unless JSun reverses all the damage he's done, which is unlikely.

I'm fed up with that guy. I tried so goddamn hard to give him a chance. The facts speak for themselves though. Justin Tornado.

"few good posts"?

You obviously haven't read the Bluffer's Guide yet or spent any time hanging out in my neck of the woods 😜

Looks like my hand is slowly being forced to go to Hive as the dapps I use move over. I'll probably float for a month or so and see what's occurring but I'm not balancing blockchains again, fast track to "losing it" (assuming I had "it" already).

I don't mention names for a good reason that I'll keep to myself. I didn't say yours was hype.

I'm not interested in censorship, plain and simple.

I know, was only bantering. Hope you find the fun side again soon 😉👉

I assume most will be happy and excited. I'll post some dark crazy shit just for shits and giggles.

Yup. Removing posts from was stupid and might be a final push for quite a few people. It is for me - I was already planning on at least trialing Hive and not just 'cross-posting', but this makes Steem feel very very much like a place I don't recognize anymore. Although I understand removing posts from doesn't necessarily impact Steem it is showing what the powerful stakeholder's ideas are on ethics...

See ya on Hive I guess.

It's a sign of the future. Ignore the signs and you'll find yourself lost. That guy has been nothing but a menace. He's insecure and unstable. Pathological liar. These are only facts. Not insults. I've had enough of this shit.

Hope to find you there....will surely miss who you were here. But hey, you're you so I'm sure looking forward to your crazy-mummy-colour-scheming-vamp-looking amazing work of arts.

I'll be there, I guess. I suppose that's what happens when you're pushed away.

I'm not too comfortable with starting at the bottom, again. Hopefully this transition is seamless and I have enough eyes floating around me. I'm unwilling to produce art if there's no one around to look at it. Certainly won't be producing any if someone can simply take my chances of being seen away.

I totally understand...I share similar sentiments...

I hate that this happened, but i love that it has happened.

I'm going to test you motherfuckers to see what you're made of.

Sugar and spice, and all things nice...

Nah, whisky and bad decisions actually.

That was coffee and cigarettes when I wrote that.


Hey, you may know...Are we GTG to post on HIVE yet? (My hive wallet doesn't work, but I see my posts and blog.)

Shit. I dunno. What's the site address? LOL!

Never mind I found the site. It's still pointing to this blockchain by the looks of it. Hive's countdown is still a touch above 14 hours.

Ah ok...14 hours huh? I'll have to do a second last post on steem...Lol.

I should do one, too!

But I won't....

I'm actually not doing a last post there...The one I did last night was just to showcase some of my 1540 posts. By the way the Sunday-Showcase concept was awesome dude...Helped me draw some of those past-posts together and place them into that blog from last night. I'll be on HIVE, plain and simple, but over time will decide what I do with steem.

I was thinking maybe once the dust settles and they remove downvotes, we can pool some SP together and rape the reward pool?

Well if I wasn't sure before, in addition to all of my favorite people heading over, they're censoring posts here...yeah, I'm out. About Hive, I am cautiously optimistic. But really the timing couldn't be better, lots of people stuck in their houses with nothing better to do than give this a chance to recapture the beauty that once was Steemit.

That sign made it real for everyone. No doubts about the future here now. There isn't one.

I still have a lot of pieces to pick up before I'll be 100% my old self.

This has been really hard on me. Still alive.

I want to let my favorite people know that I'm probably ditching steem for hive, but also have joied, it feels soooo much chiller over there right now lol, hopefull hive will calm down soon but yeah if you haven't checked it out yet...

I rather enjoy this thick skinned chaotic universe.

I'll be on Hive as well. Don't be a stranger.

Never to you :)

The censoring thing is what always makes me nervous about the centralised things. And the justification of "their house their rules"" so I'm happy to go play somewhere else :)

Yup. The decision became quite easy.