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RE: One of those Really Strange and Nonsensical Headlines You're Used to Seeing from Me

in #life2 years ago

Well if I wasn't sure before, in addition to all of my favorite people heading over, they're censoring posts here...yeah, I'm out. About Hive, I am cautiously optimistic. But really the timing couldn't be better, lots of people stuck in their houses with nothing better to do than give this a chance to recapture the beauty that once was Steemit.


That sign made it real for everyone. No doubts about the future here now. There isn't one.

I still have a lot of pieces to pick up before I'll be 100% my old self.

This has been really hard on me. Still alive.

I want to let my favorite people know that I'm probably ditching steem for hive, but also have joied, it feels soooo much chiller over there right now lol, hopefull hive will calm down soon but yeah if you haven't checked it out yet...

I rather enjoy this thick skinned chaotic universe.

I'll be on Hive as well. Don't be a stranger.

Never to you :)

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