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RE: One of those Really Strange and Nonsensical Headlines You're Used to Seeing from Me

in #life2 years ago

I'm going to test you motherfuckers to see what you're made of.

Sugar and spice, and all things nice...

Nah, whisky and bad decisions actually.


That was coffee and cigarettes when I wrote that.


Hey, you may know...Are we GTG to post on HIVE yet? (My hive wallet doesn't work, but I see my posts and blog.)

Shit. I dunno. What's the site address? LOL!

Never mind I found the site. It's still pointing to this blockchain by the looks of it. Hive's countdown is still a touch above 14 hours.

Ah ok...14 hours huh? I'll have to do a second last post on steem...Lol.

I should do one, too!

But I won't....

I'm actually not doing a last post there...The one I did last night was just to showcase some of my 1540 posts. By the way the Sunday-Showcase concept was awesome dude...Helped me draw some of those past-posts together and place them into that blog from last night. I'll be on HIVE, plain and simple, but over time will decide what I do with steem.

I was thinking maybe once the dust settles and they remove downvotes, we can pool some SP together and rape the reward pool?

Exactly what I am thinking.

V for vendetta.


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