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RE: One of those Really Strange and Nonsensical Headlines You're Used to Seeing from Me

in #life2 years ago

"few good posts"?

You obviously haven't read the Bluffer's Guide yet or spent any time hanging out in my neck of the woods 😜

Looks like my hand is slowly being forced to go to Hive as the dapps I use move over. I'll probably float for a month or so and see what's occurring but I'm not balancing blockchains again, fast track to "losing it" (assuming I had "it" already).


I don't mention names for a good reason that I'll keep to myself. I didn't say yours was hype.

I'm not interested in censorship, plain and simple.

I know, was only bantering. Hope you find the fun side again soon 😉👉

I assume most will be happy and excited. I'll post some dark crazy shit just for shits and giggles.

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