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Those of you following my posts will know that I am creating Pure Intentions for various issues, energies and emotions that affect us all, some in more ways and more deeply that others.


This energy work started from a post I did about "What is the Highest Power?" I then went on to chat about some Quantum Physics principles that are really powerful tools to use with energy work in my posts 'The Power of Observing!' and 'Time Crystals - Repeating Patterns through Time'. When we understand the power that we have with our intentions and how we use them, then it becomes really important to create powerful Pure Intention Statements to create positive change in our world, so this is what I'm doing. It feels extra powerful to be posting these statements here on blockchain, where they can be seen, read and shared on other social media and through copy and paste forever!

Pure Statements for Humanity

Pure statements that I have done so far include the following subjects and posts:

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In this post I am going to include Pure Statements for healing shock, trauma and abuse, because life for those who have suffered with these is not good and unless this energy is released then these people are stuck in repeating patterns of being victim to this type of action. 

The more individual victims we have of any type of abuse, then the bigger the 'collective magnet' is for this and so the more we are attracting more of the same as a collective humanity, even though this is not what we want. You can read more about this attracting our dominant energy in my post 'Have HOPE! Learn about the 100th Monkey Effect, Critical Mass or Dominant Energy'.

Shock and trauma are reactions to being abused. People can be abused in so many ways including:

  • Physical abuse
  • Emotional abuse
  • Verbal abuse
  • Sexual abuse
  • Financial abuse
  • Abuse through controlling and lack of freedom

If we wish to raise the vibration of earth and humanity then we need to work on the lowest of energies that are keeping people stuck in low, destructive, repeating patterns that they cannot get out of on their own.

I could write pages on damaging all this abuse is. Each time of abuse will have pages of information on how victims feel and it ruins their life and happiness, but I really want the focus and your intention to be on CREATING POSITIVE CHANGE.


So here are some powerful Pure Intention Statements to heal shock, trauma and abuse for individuals and the whole of humanity.

Healing Shock, Trauma and Abuse - Pure Intention Statements

Pure Intention uses Quantum Observing and Quantum Entanglement to intend that Pure flows through energies and frequencies of shock, trauma and abuse of all types to heal and purify this energy now.

 Pure Intention uses Quantum Observing and Quantum Entanglement to intend that victims of abuse are now freed from being trapped in repeating patterns of being victims and are supported to be free of all abuse and move into higher energies and happier lives.

 Pure Intention uses Quantum Observing and Quantum Entanglement to intend that all victims of abuse, shock, trauma, PTSD and grief now release and let go of these emotions, to be purified by Pure Source and are filled with Pure Love, Light, Peace, Stillness and Joy and move forwards into happy lives and loving, supportive relationships.

 Pure Intention uses Quantum Observing and Quantum Entanglement to intend that all abuse in all forms is now stopped on earth and all patterns of abuse are revoked and repelled from earth and human consciousness and replaced with flowing Pure Love, Wisdom, Truth and Joy.

 Pure Intention uses Quantum Observing and Quantum Entanglement to intend that all shock, trauma and grief being stored by humanity for past events such as wars, 9/11 and crimes against humanity is now released and purified by Pure Source and humanity is now protected from evil and abusive actions in all forms, through all time, space and dimensions and through all that is.

Please do read these intentions with emotion and powerful intention and share them here on Steemit and other social media, as well as copying the intentions to your computer to read through each day.

The more people who read these intentions, the more powerful they will be and the quicker the global energy will change to support us all to be free of all types of abuse and to have happier lives.

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Wonderful Michelle, your work is so powerful and I am so pleased that you are sharing these statements so that they can help anyone who wants to heal. Well done you. The time is here for us to speak out!


Thanks Caroline for your supportive comments and feeling the power in these statements.
Most appreciated, and yes now is the time for us to speak out! :)

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