Energy Work to Stop Chemtrails

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There is much information being shared about Chemtrails, so I am going to assume that if you’re reading this post then you know they exist and are concerned about the damage that they are doing to us all by spraying toxic



These toxic chemicals in the air are:

  • Falling to earth in rain
  • Being absorbed into the food chain through rain
  • Affecting sunlight shining on earthUpsetting the balance of nature re ozone layers and weather patterns
  • Being breathed in my humans and animals
  • Causing various illnesses and diseases

All in all, Chemtrails are NOT good for us or our planet and they need to be stopped!

Those working to raise awareness have been called conspiracy theorists, but more people are becoming aware. 

My intention is that those who are aware of these chemtrails and are wanting them to be stopped will see this post, and share it with as many people as possible, for both the energy work and also to spread the awareness that there are many people involved in the process of making, and spraying Chemtrails. If you are one, or you know someone who is involved in the spraying of Chemtrails, then please consider that you are committing a crime against humanity by poisoning us all.

I intend that these post and these intentions are seen by many, who will be willing to read these Pure Intention Statements daily to use the Power of the Universe and Quantum Laws to stop this toxic spraying us and earth with chemicals from continuing. 

Pure Intention Statements to Stop Chemtrails

Pure Intention uses Quantum Observing and Quantum Entanglement to intend that all those participating in the spraying of chemtrails become aware of the crime against humanity that is going on and that they are apart of, including:

  • Pilots of the aircraft
  • Those loading and unloading the chemicals
  • Companies and employees making and selling the chemicals 
  • Those giving out the orders to do this spraying DAILY ACROSS THE GLOBE!!
Pure Intention uses Quantum Observing and Quantum Entanglement to intend that all those who have the power through courts, authority and other means to STOP all chemtrails now use that power to STOP ALL CHEMTRAILS!
Pure Intention uses Quantum Observing and Quantum Entanglement to intend that all toxins being sprayed from these planes are purified and all evil intentions to damage and harm people, food chains, weather and earth are revoked.
Pure Intention uses Quantum Observing and Quantum Entanglement to intend that all those who are suffering from illness and disease from this toxic spraying are guided to ways to be Divinely healed.

The more people who read these intentions, the more powerful they will be and the quicker the global energy will change to support us to stop this huge area of pollution of our air, water and food, which is are basic essentials to live and be alive!

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good job

Hey Michelle, I agree with you regarding chemtrails! Another thing that I find helpful is creating and using orgone energy. I have orgonite all over my home and am planning to begin making some more again soon.


Thanks Jakob, chemtrails certainly do need stopping! I do energy work on myself and home each day for this, so I'm not to concerned about aspect, more the global one.
Makes me so annoyed when I see the chemtrails in the sky, especially when the sky is blue and it just ruins how it looks, let alone all the toxins etc!

Chemtrails are man made climate change. Appreciate your blog. Thank you and resteemed


Thank you for Resteeming! :)

Yes that is so true, one of several aspects of the damage they do to us and earth.

Michelle you have such wonderful pure intentions, thank you for your work!

It is my intention to continue to understand and propagate trees and other plants as allies against this gloabl contamination. And if all else fails, their shade will protect my exposed head from falling chemicals ;p

Love and Light!


Thank you Alex, and you're welcome! :)

Great that you are working to alleviate the pollution through physical means and planting trees, most needed and adding more oxygen to our air too, so a great thing to do!

Flowing more Love & Light! <3


Michelle I got busy and havent moved forward on olaat - but basically I used a tag - the word 'cooperation' - that already has a purpose. The spanish community is surprisingly more organized (seems to appear as hard nosed) at least at the top.

Basically we would need to get someone native to the spanish community to spread olaat. How is the project going and growing? This could be a great lesson on growth - Its on my list of upcoming articles - 'how I bumbled an attempt to help' or something like that ;p

Great to hear from you!


No problem Alex, we are all busy and can only do what we can do with other commitments.

You highlighted to me how much is involved with sharing the information into another language. I'm not sure that we are ready for that just yet.

Progress feels slow, but I'm hoping that much is being done with through the Pure Intentions and energy work I've been doing. I felt ill for a few days after doing the pedophilia ones, so it's intense work. Tom is also feeling the energies right now, but we're committed long term and it's the tortoise and the hare and we will get there!

I don't feel you 'bumbled an attempt to help' more like highlighted how much work is involved! We would need a committed Spanish speaking person on board for replies to comments and keeping the flow of information going. I'm sure this will flow to us when the time is right.

Thanks for your comment and great to chat with you too! :)

Thank you for getting this out there! It was right around this time last year when I first noticed the black plume chemtrails, and people started getting the new "chemtrail flu" which takes weeks to get over. I think the ones doing the spraying probably take advantage of the increased traffic and contact during the holiday seasons, so I hope this will go far in counteracting that this year and into the future. <3

This meme showed up on my FB news feed yesterday (credited to a man named Brian McCarthy). I definitely feel with my recent experience having black morgellons fibers, that there is biological weapon/genetic engineering stuff happening alongside the poisoning and drugging. One fiber continued growing in the baggie after I saved some smaller fibers for my own research. I have pictures, but they're pretty gross LOL)


Hopefully this will be completely stopped and we won't have to worry about collecting samples and trying to make sense of patterns and timing. <3 Thanks so much for all the good work - you are really tackling a lot of important topics, and it's exciting to be a witness to it :)


You're welcome and yes it is my intention that we can stop this through sending out Pure Intentions to create more awareness and create physical change through that.

More topics to come! They all need addressing and it will be exciting to see positive change happen! :)

Hey @michellecarter hey other steemians. Your post caught my eye as I am like you working hard to get the word out, just like you.

Are you aware of the work of Harald Kautz Vella?

His research and knowledge are astonishing.

This is a good video if you want to know more. I have also written about Morgellons on steemit and busy on other material.

Let's stay connected and collaborate.

Sending you light steemians :)


Hi @crowd4good, thanks for your post and comments.

Yes I've watched Harald Kautz Vella and have done energy work on black goo as well as Chemtrails, although I didn't include it in this post. I've chatted to Harald a few times via email and the black goo is used in churches, at the altar and the black boxes used in other religions, so I have done quite a bit of energy work on this.

I am happy to stay connected and collaborate. I do work on many issues though, flowing with where I am guided to work in the moment!

Love, Light & Blessings :)