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Steve Maxwell, the inspirational fitness educator, now brings his decades of personal experience in athletics and training to the strength and conditioning of our eyes. There are in fact many muscles involved in the act of focusing our eyes - if neglected our sight can quickly go downhill.
        Prescription glasses can actually be bad for you also. Although they may superficially improve vision in the immediate, they are seldom actually helping the eyes condition like exercise can. The old adage "Use it, or loose it" is right again! Keep exercising your eyes, as well as your body and mind or you may just wither away! As Steve mentioned there are also many excellent Eastern methods of excising for increasing eye health and quality of vision. Tibetan monks have developed their own charts, or geodesic pictures that one follows with ones eyes to exercise particularly useful optical muscles. Below is one such chart and a basic exercise routine. There are other more advanced routines you can use as you strength increases.

Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 13.48.26.png

Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 13.53.15.png


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Commenting so I can find this when I have time to actually read it!

you should resteem it for others to find :)

Hello fishy culture,
Mmm very wise :D

I hope it helps you also!

I have often wanted to try and naturally correct my near-sightedness. Unfortunately I always have something "better" to do....

Hi C!
Oh go for it bro - train those eyes ... I need to work on my near focus muscles too!
It would be awesome if you posted about your road back to 20/20 vision and escape from your Ophthalmologist bills!

all the best :D

Thanks! Yeah that would make for a good story. I will add to my growing list of things to do. I have a feeling I'm not going to get around to it this year....

i've saved the image and downloaded the video - i really want to get rid of my glasses - they are such burdens (sigh )

Hi tamu,
Oh excellent ... I have heard from many friends that say it does work, so keep at it and you will be glasses free! :D

yeah, and i'll let you know if it truly works - :)

Oh yes, I whole-heartedly believe this system works. I've experienced some favorable results first-hand, through palming, gentle sun gazing, and other forms of exercise. I haven't yet corrected my vision 100%, but I'm strengthening myself for sure. It's a commitment! If I'm not mistaken, part of the requirement is an abandonment of prescription lenses, which requires a lot of trust, of course. I'm working on it. I appreciate your reminder, and your eye chart, and this solid vid you've found.

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