They've Known All Along - But Kept it a Secret!

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Maybe the Race to Space was too fast! Rocket fuels have always been dangerous, often categorised as a biological weapon themselves. It is always incredibly dangerous to handle or to be anywhere near, not only for it's explosive nature but because any exposure can be deadly. Even with many safety precautions in place, those that work refuelling military and private rockets are said to have extremely high incidence of cancer and early death due to the proximity to these chemicals.
        If toxic fuels were not enough, many missions have included small nuclear reactors to provide power for the life of the vehicle. But these primitive machines can, and have malfunctioned and fallen back to Earth. The massive increase in cancers across the globe have often been thought to be attributed to just such accidents that have occurred on numerous occasions around the world.
        On February 1, 2003, the Space Shuttle Columbia disintegrated upon reentering Earth's atmosphere, killing all seven crew members. The disaster was the second fatal accident in the Space Shuttle program after Space Shuttle Challenger, which broke apart and killed the seven-member crew 73 seconds after liftoff in 1986. Both are thought to have been carrying nuclear reactors and unspecified military experiments connected to the implementation of the Star Wars Program. The amount of plutonium these small reactors carries varies but some of our probe satellites have held enough Plutonium to poison an entire planet! When using Earth to "slingshot" into deep space protestors forced NASA to increase the nearest distance from Earth to 150 miles ... NASA later wisely changed this to 500 miles in an effort to definitely not kill us all if the rocket misfired and fell to Earth!
        So we can only hope our governments and space agencies wake up to these facts and start to face up to the environmental and serious health dangers the space industry has posed our beautiful planet, and all of our healths.


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Human selfishness has no limits, because of its need to feel powerful or to want to discover or be the most egocentric, they destroy something that they could not find anywhere else.

Your article makes me think that in reality we are not inhabitants of this planet, if not, parasites.

Hola jillfeint,
You may be right... we are certainly the most dangerous animal on the planet! But I also think we have the ability to change and be in tune with our environment very soon - perhaps within our own lifetimes if we work together to make it so!

really its how much dangerous i know after reading your article. thanks for such as articale

Hi Kamal,
Thank you bro :D

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