Battery Powered Train - Fully Charged

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Battery power... the future of trains? With many train lines in the UK not electrified, we still run diesel powered rolling stock. Noisy, dirty and polluting.
        A small innovative company called Vivarail - are an English rolling stock manufacturer, founded in 2012 and based in Stratford-upon-Avon. Vivarail's main project is the conversion of bodyshells, bogies and motors from retired or outdated diesel trains and retrofitting them with electric battery systems. They are also updating the seating and interiors of the trains and thus managing to produce cheap, eco-friendly trains to help bring the UK transport network into the 21st century!

Change is much needed in many transport systems across the globe. Trains, trucks, ferries and container ships all will greatly be greatly improved with electrification.

Siemens are credited with building the world’s first all-electric battery-powered ferry. The Ampere is designed and built by Fjellstrand shipyard on the southwest coast of Norway.

Such clean green solutions should quickly take over from our ageing and inefficient diesel burners. Offering lower operating costs and increased efficiency while being much better for the environment.


So now to the main feature, lets enjoy Robert Llewelyn clearly living out a lifelong fantasy to drive a train!

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Very cool, battery tech is giving us a lot more options. There is always a cost for producing electricity, reducing waste with smarter structures and infrastructure is really interesting. So good to see the next gen. Of engineers taking more interest in how they impact biology.

Hello freemoceanisnow,
Yes there are indeed still costs for producing electricity but of course it so much better when we are using renewables like wind or hydro power rather than coal or diesel. Thank you for your positive comment :D

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