Electric VW Beetle - Fully Charged

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A glorious drive through glorious Welsh countryside in a classic VW Beetle, that's also a really impressive electric car! Richard Morgan and Graham Swann run a small company in Wales, UK that take iconic classic cars and convert them to be 100% electric.
        Most of their converted cars end up with twice the power of their original engines, so they upgrade the brakes and suspension too. With classic styling, supercar performance, and no road tax or congestion charges, the reasons to convert to convert to electric are becoming more compelling than ever!

Click below for more information about these fantastic electric classic cars and to order yours today!

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Electric VW Beetle - Fully Charged
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It sure is! :D

A great project of conversion of vehicles and classic styles in electric vehicles. They are the future. The car looks just gorgeous. Great video.

Thank you nilpan,
I hope many people do the same around the world :D
It is good for the environment and good business!

Nice poste I will buy electric car ;)

Hello askmee,
Awesome ... please post about it when you do!

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