The Lost Ancient History of China

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The incredible history of China is examined here and we find there are many interesting discrepancies and omissions. The great wall of China is a good case in point. Always said to have been built to repel Mongolian hoards and other invaders ... but on closer examination the arrow slits clearly point back into China in many parts of the wall! Alterations have actually been made to the great wall at various tourist hot spots. Doors and staircases that did not tie in with the historical mainstream view were removed or rebuilt to face the other way!
        China actually has many Pyramids, some of the biggest in the world. But getting a permit to investigate them has been denied in all cases, and to investigate them without a permit carries a death penalty!
        Chinese legends spoke of metal ships that could fly, not only on Earth but around the galaxy to distant planets. Such legends closely parallel the Vedas of india and all point to our planet having been a great deal more advanced in the distant past than it is now. The evidence of high technology in the complex masonry, art and megalithic architecture still exceed and baffle any of our modern efforts, and make us look primitive by comparison!


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i share your opinion. every era has it's unique advancements. I don't agree with people who say we are the most advanced era of the history of mankind. I believe some of our ancestors had knowledge and skills that we can only dream of having. You can never know of the ancient world completely - they could have technology and knowledge far greater than those of us.

and i wonder why getting a permit to investigate the pyramids of china has been denied in all cases, and why investigating them carries a death penalty........ i wonder what wonder could be hidden there that they want to hide so badly

I totally agree Tamu,
We are clearly less developed than our distant megalithic ancestors!
Yes - clearly some big clues to our incredible history be found in China!

i think it will be a great plot for a dan brown novel

Highly interresting post and video! I just started watching it! How cruel that you'll get death penalty if you investigate the pyramids without permission! Thank you very much for sharing this!!

Hello Linda.
Yes outrageously harsh ... clearly they have much to hide!

all the best :D

very intersting informations about history of china,thank you.

Thank you magefor - it is indeed pretty stunning... we have much to learn about the true history of our planet and species!

hello @icedrum friend how are you? good your publications I love to learn something more about history and then what better story than this :) Likewise I invite you to see my new publications are also history topics

Hola Gibson,
Gracias amigo :D

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