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RE: My Two Juice Recipes of the Day!

in #life6 years ago

Wish I could do that. I've got this 20-year-long disease of the adrenals, liver, and pancreas that severely limits my diet. I cannot eat any simple carbs or sugars. This eliminates almost all fruit and even carrots. Essentially the only thing I can eat is protein and complex carbs like broccoli. I know that juicing would work wonders for me. I squeeze one organic lemon in the morning and drink the juice with a little stevia in it, and water of course. Maybe that helps. Thanks for the post though. Good to have the input here in Steem world.


There must be a combination of veggies + your lemon that would work for you. With your condition being monitored and advised by your doctor would help you get started juicing. I haven't heard of juicing making a disease worse, the opposite.

You know, I think I'm going to give it a try. I do believe it would be very good for me. I'll let you know what combinations of veggies works best as far as taste goes.

That seems great. Start with a small glass every day. I was inspired by

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