The chance to finally see a Jaguar in the flesh!

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Hi I'm Danny! I'm travelling around the world! Follow me.

When my friend asked if I’d like to join him as a volunteer back in The Pantanal I jumped at another chance to finally see a Jaguar.

It’s always been a dream of mine to see all the big cats in the wild - I’d seen the Lion, Cheetah, and Leopard - only the Jaguar eluded me.


The tour guide had a device that he used to try and get the Jaguars attention. The string vibrates and echoes within the tube to emulate the call of a female, or male, depending on how it is manipulated. He would do this call over and over again each night as we camoflagued ourselves behind the truck, which was itself tucked in behind the bush.

The sun rises early here and you quickly fall into a cycle with nature which is perfect for trying to spot these big cats as they are coming back from a nights hunting.




After two months in South America and unbeknownst to me I was about to get my first glimpse of a Jaguar. We had just woken up around 5 AM and were preparing our breakfast of exotic fruits on the decking with the river and huge plains in the distance .

I was about to take my first sip of coffee when I heard the guide say "Fuck! Onca! Jaguar!"


As I looked in disbelief at this magnificent cat I remembered the first time I saw Great Whites in South Africa and how the guide had told me to experience the moment through my eyes not a camera. This still stuck with me as I moved closer to the plains without a camera.


We're now silently creeping over the bridge when the Jaguar spots us. It's in the middle of the plains, we're on the middle of the bridge over a river full of Caiman. It's now stopped, turned, and looking dead at us.

I'd never seen such a physical cat of absolute muscle. It was staring right through us for about 30 seconds, before running off into the bushes. I'd finally seen a Jaguar in the wild! The next few moments were insane - we were in absolute elation jumping up and down in excitement. It was me, our guide, and the french couple high fiving each other like kids when your country wins the world cup (which I've obviously never experienced, being English).

Of course, even though we tried each day for the next few weeks, the jaguar never returned, but just seeing this cat once quickly became one of my highlights of all my travelling.


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Nice moment! I find it hard sometime to decide if I take pictures or just enjoy the moment. I think I tend to err on the side of to much camera. Sad that you can't share a picture, but I'm glad you could enjoy the moment.


Totally, I regularly forget to actually enjoy something and instead focus on taking pictures or video that I will likely not even view that much afterwards.

Lovely pictures! Great post. Thanks for sharing it with us :)

I wanz to See and read more from you

magnificent good continuation

amazing memorable pictures :)

Looks like a lot of fun!

omg, lol... those bush disguises!

Incredible !!! were you at all scared ?

I keep seeing all these posts and it just makes me want to travel the world!


Make it happen, buddy.

Today i read u firat time in the world of steem it ... dear sir i become a fan of yr life yr work yr way to live life ... i wish some day i can lead a life like u sir ... i love photography nd travelling but for few reason i cant not be achive much in life ..but i not lose my hope sir ... i know some day i will be one of like u sir ..ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha pls keep posting nd help us to explore the world ... why help rather i must say bless us to sink in the beauty of nature ha ha ha ha ha ha .. thanks u sir

Danny, you are absolutely living the dream. your post of the zip line into the water looks like it was incredibly fun, wow. going to follow you for to see where your next adventure takes you. stay safe and have fun.

Danny your inspirational! Gorgeous pictures of the wild cat 🐱 !

Thats the pics!!!

Yes i following you..i like this type of photography..please share and share.. thank you..and i'm new user..thank you

Man, you are brave!

Stunning photography. I really like the photo taken from the canoe!

greaat post! you must had a great time there.. pictures are awesome! followed you for your next travel stories.

Hmm.. I am as tourguide for ecotourism focus poor with knowledge, I think you are great man can get this opportunity. :)

This is so incredible! I love the way you experienced being in the moment!!

I enjoyed the narration and the adventure in general. Your ability to make me feel as though I am where it is happening makes it strange. I would like to read more of you. keep it up

Is there any change to go with you mr. Danny? we have Leuser with many kinds of animal wild

love how giddy you got & high fiving! 😊

but the best was savoring the moment thru your own eyes instead of from the lens... reminds me of the full moon we saw driving home - I only had my mobile to capture it on & it didn't give it any justice.

That made me realize that I was given that moment to just connect & savor the sight..transfixed in such a sweet awe of magnanimity.


Great pictures

Amazing staff indeed. The craft of inventing the situation in words that makes us feel like we were part of the group is really excellent. I love adventures so much that I did not even hear my kid screaming to me for assistance with her homework. Stunning indeed.


thank you so much

Raur i'm a Jaguar

Hi danny! haha, been following you already for a couple of days. I'd wish to say couple of weeks but I just got onto the network. Hope to see more from you. Great pics! Cheers!


Coolest thing ever!

Spread love and positivity☺
Follow me: @sam-rt

Really amazing what a moment :0) beautiful pics and the jaguar looks so cute. What a great place to be. Thx for sharing ur amazing journey

Amazing!!! Living the dream. I've seen one in captivity before, but never in the wild in its habitat. Keep on steeming

Wow ... Great picture, you have a wonderful photography talent.
Improve your ability, Someday you must be a great photographer. Be assured of that. Because with confidence and effort all will surely materialize by itself. Thank you for sharing @dannystravels

Nice photos ....need lot of passion for this type of photos ...keep posting man #dannystravels


Would love to follow u man

haha dude really nice story I just loled xd and nice shots;) following and more storys like this please!

before the post loaded and i only saw the title I thought "why is he so excited to see a car.... "

Amazing. The world is such a beautiful place.

Nice! I also travel the world ;) What is your future route?

Great post, i genuinely lol'ed @ "which I've obviously never experienced, being English"

hey i followed you and upvoted. hope you can do the same. steem on friend.

It is beautiful your picture. You are well equipped to take the animals in picture. Bravo

what an exotic place to be these days

love the last shot!

What a chance ! Keep roaming buddy !

Omg love love love. Jaguars are stunning and what a beautiful experience to make eye contact without the boundaries of zoo caged walls ruining the freedom of it all! I'm from Scotland so I can sympathise with the World Cup comment.. but I imagine this would leave you just as elated. I'm so jealous 😭💪👏. Eali x

My dream - to quit my job and travel. Amazing !!!

What a beautiful trip to the past. I don't think the blanket as a cover is a good idea. Have you watched Apocalypto? I highly recommend it if you haven't watched it, you won't be disappointed. This post reminded me of the movie. Great post!

The big cats are stunning! For those in the comment section, check out my post where we got to drink wine and see lions and tigers :)

@dannystravels Incredible! I've tried to find big cats myself and only managed to see lions in the wild so far, this experience must have been breathtaking! Thanks for sharing, I hope to one day be so lucky :)

Super cool wild cats 😍

Amazing photos! I've just started my travel blog and if anyone can show any support then I am very appreciative! :)

That is awesome!

I really really love that shot of the Jaguar. What lens did you use to get to close? 120mm?

You're quite bold to be in such a different place. Its posts like yours that make me realize this steem ecosystem is filled with so many different sights and stories.

There's so much nature!!! sometimes i miss seeing such things in the U.s.

I think these memories and the blogs you're making will stick with you for life. I know my travels have. I am still trying to find whatever possible time to do what you do. Teach me!! Anyways, if you're back in cali, i can drive you around. I usually uber for work and i enjoy it. i stay in oc/la now only. steeming it with whatever content I can.

This is THE life mayn...
Lucky you :P
Stay safe and blessed

Something about Jaguars. They're majestic, yet extremely powerful. The way they look at anything says it all. There is 0 f$%^& given by this animal. Love it. Thanks for sharing.

Exiting read @dannystravels ! You really know how to tell a good story👍

I just started doing a series of travelblogs myself about my hometown : Dazzling Amsterdam. But I am a Blog-noob. Since you are an experienced travelblogger, it would mean a lot to me if you gave me your opinion on them. Wanna check them out? Thanks in advance

Hi Danny! Nice story. I love cats and I live in the Yucatan peninsula, near Tulum. We have jaguars, pumas and tigrillo.
You are welcome to come here in Mexico. We are right in the jungle.
Enjoy life!

Hi I really like your pictures you make wanna visit these places thanks for sharing and I'll be glad to hear your opinion about it here is the link and hope you'll like it :)

That sounds amazing. I wish to experience that at least one time in my life aswell!

Great adventure! Thanks for sharing

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