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Hi I'm Danny! I'm travelling around the world.
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I've just finished my series on my travels to Colombia and hiking to the hidden city deep in the jungle. If you missed them check them out (day 1, day 2, day 3, day 4, day 5).


I've received so many great questions from this trip but my internet connection can't always keep up. I'm answering them all here and giving away 10 SBD to five of you who interacted and asked my favourite questions! Congratulations to @danlocks.com @masicampbell @bitsviajeros @team101 @magz8716 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉.

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Colombia definitely has a reputation as being very dangerous and violent. It has changed a lot in recent times and tourism is on the up, which makes it safer. There are other countries in South America that are much more dangerous. Also the Colombian people are very friendly and welcoming. I'd recommend it to everyone.


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Thanks for the comment! I loved the town of Santa Marta and loved the people too. Amazing culture and beautiful beaches. I hope I'll be able to come back.


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Yeah they do - tourists give them small donations in order to look around the village. It's quite similar to Peru. They did have some handcrafts too.


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No it's not all tropical. One of the most amazing things about Colombia is how diverse it is. The Andes mountain range starts in Colombia and goes all the way down South America. It divides Colombia into two main parts. On one side is the Amazon jungle, then you've got the high high mountain peaks of the Andes, on the other side it goes down to the lower slopes and the beaches on the pacific. You've got the Carribean coast in the north, Pacific coast in the west, the Amazon jungle to the east, and the Andes mountains down the centre. There are so many different climates, people, regions, cultures, and types of food. It's a fascinating and diverse country.


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Yes I've been there! (cc @ats-david ). We took this pulley cart up to this local restaurant for a coffee. Actually everyone seems to drink coffee all hours of the day here - kinda like we enjoy beer in Europe. In Brazil they make great coffee but most is exported to UK/US. In Colombia the culture is very much to produce in order to consume, and not just exporting. The area is amazing.





Other questions

Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 14.36.35.png

I think this picture was from Mount Monserrate which is an incredible place to visit if you're ever in Bogotá.

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I can't remember specifically in Colombia but for sure in Bolivia it was really cheap! In fact it was cheaper than water so we used to stop off at different places on the side of the road. It was like 10 pence!

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I'm going through East Africa next and hopefully I'll make my way to West Africa soon!

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No I didn't, next time I'll have to go back.

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Yep you're exactly right.

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Haha, no I didn't see any kittens!

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WOW!!! Nice surprise for me :) Please keep sharing more posts about your trips around the world, keep sharing everything you can about my beautiful country we need more people like you to help us to spread the good things of our people and our culture <3

Do you have some pic of local columbian houses?i would appreciate seeing this.

Thanks for the answers dude! Shame you missed the kittens, they have probably grown up a wee bit now :/ Looking forward to future posts :)

South America is my next continent to visit. Been to five so far. Your photos want me to go ASAP!

Thank you very much @dannystravel , I am also Dany and i also travel a lot, 95 countries in the last 14 years. Thanks for SBD. I am following you now. Cheers

wow, thanks a lot for SBD. It is a nice surprise. I enjoyed reading your post. I hope you will visit Perú too.

Nice post so I vote you

Out of words for this!! Thank you! @dannystravels I didn't even know we were going to be rewarded for interacting but this is what makes the Steemit community one of the best spaces to share and care for others! I'm very passionate about my country and specially working in the tourism industry makes me feel proud when people like you and others become our ambassadors in your country of origin!

Welcome here in Pereira anytime, take care!

Hi Danny, amazing blog you have here with your travel stories. Some real adventures! Tot later. 😀

Hello, Danny, thanks so much for the SBD from your contest. I have enjoyed travel a lot and lived in many different places, however, now at almost 81 years of age, I am at home mostly blogging and reading about others travel adventures. All he best to you and stay safe.

I want to share it

colombia looks sweet! were you ever concerned about your savety though? followed ya <3

Having a close friend visiting Columbia and seeing you reply to someone asking whether it is safe or not, I am very grateful that you answered that question.

Great post and congratulations to all the SD winners.

A large part of my family that I have never met still live in Colombia. I look forward to traveling there myself one day. Enjoy your trip 😊

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