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Recently, my fiance and I decided to write a letter to our newborn nephew and his parents


As a first-time uncle, I've made a commitment to be a part of my nephew's life as much as I can, even though I'm about 1,000 miles away from him. As a part of this commitment, my fiance and I made the decision to send a handwritten letter as something he could view in the future and reflect upon once he is able to read.

In addition, we wrote letters to his parents, my fiance's sister and her husband, as a way to show our support to them in this new chapter in their life. The act of handwriting a letter is somewhat of a lost art, as communication mostly occurs instantaneously using email, text, and all other forms of digital media.

I enjoyed the challenge of formulating my thoughts on paper without the possibility of editing and turning the page into an ink-blotted mess. Admittedly, I did end up writing one of the letters in digital form and then transcribing it, but I was able to do one of the letters straight to paper with no edits.

I've decided to write a letter to everyone in my life that I'm close to


One of my biggest issues in life is maintaining a solid connection with individuals who matter to me in some way. Quite honestly, I'm pretty bad about sending cards, reaching out, or showing a level of gratitude to people who've made an impact to me. I think this has played a large role in the number of friendships that have faded away or been kept on emotional life support.

What I've come to realize is that I want to find a way to remediate this situation, and to become much better at showing my love and support to people in my life. I'm certainly not a sappy person, but I know I could probably use a dose of sentimentality as a way to shift past seeming like such a cold-hearted guy.

As a result, I'm going to start mailing out letters, perhaps with a photo included, as a way to show a level of gratitude and thanks to that person. My hope is that it will foster a new channel of communication for everyone I send the letter to.

The response from my sister-in-law was overwhelmingly positive, as she was overjoyed and touched by our gesture. There's something about receiving a hand-written letter that is far more personal and meaningful than digital communication and it's something I want to revive in my own life.

First up: a letter to my parents.

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Before the advent of mobile phone and other electronic means of digital communication, letters were the only means of sending and receiving communication from their distant relatives, friends etc. Now, we have instant message services, chatting services, whatsaap, facebood, twitter etc and we receive messages through these means regularly but they cannot take place of hand written letters because hand written letters needed more efforts to send instead of sending electronic messages. Hand written stuff shows deep affection and real connection between two persons.

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