Revisiting My Smartcash Proposal

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Three months ago, a friend and I worked on a proposal to submit to the Smarthive but we never fully submitted it


It's been a while since I've written a post about Smartcash, as I've primarily focused on topics centered around psychology and philosophy. But in terms of the cryptocurrency space, Smartcash is still one of my favorite projects.

I'm a huge fan of the smart rewards a person receives for holding 1,000 or more Smart in a wallet. Additionally, the affordability of a Smartcash master node, known as a Smartnode, has allowed me to operate my own node and earn payouts for the last four months.

Though the price has dropped significantly since the highs in January (gee, what hasn't!), I'm still a big supporter and believer of the project. One of the most interesting aspects of Smartcash is the ability to propose a project to the Smarthive and have members vote on it. 70% of the block reward is reserved for Smartcash projects, which is a staggering amount of coin waiting to be allocated.

I've made the decision to submit my proposal to the hive in the next few weeks


My proposal aims to promote Smartcash through a series of events as a way to demonstrate the real-world application of the project. It'll be one part educational, one part marketplace, and one part entertainment and will allow attendees the ability to experience how Smartcash can be used as both a currency and a way to generate abundance on a community level.

One of the best aspects of Smartcash is the way in which it distributes itself to the community, through a decentralized direct-democracy form of governance. Perhaps the biggest issue in modern society is the unequal distribution of wealth, specifically through the debt-based creation of money. If there is a currency that goes in direct opposition to this scarcity-based model, it's Smartcash.

I intend to seek out and finalize an appropriate venue prior to submitting the proposal, as I want to ensure the events will receive maximum exposure and attendance. The events will take place in Denver, a city that is very friendly to cryptocurrency, as there are a number of blockchain-related companies based here, such as Salt Lending and KeepKey.

For these events, I want to collaborate with fellow Smartians in the area, as well as online, to facilitate and realize the vision of Smartcash as coherently as possible. I believe these events could be used as a model for others around the world and could create real momentum for the project as a whole.

I look forward to updating you on this proposal as it develops. Stay tuned!



I'll be looking forward to your full proposal. All the best.

Thanks, I look forward to sharing it :)

Very interesting. Can't wait!

Thanks! I'm excited to roll it out soon :)

muy interesante evaluacion gracias por compartir saludos desde venezuela

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