How Big Oil Conquered the World: An Informative Documentary About A Global Conspiracy! Part #13

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I recently watched How Big Oil Conquered the World.

This is a great documentary to watch if you want to learn how Standard Oil took control of our world economy. I highly recommend for you to subscribe to Corbett Report on Youtube and follow Corbett's website to stay informed on the elitist's plans to take over our world!

@corbettreport is also on Steemit, Corbett Report is one of my personal favorite alternative news outlets.

I have already released Part #1, Part #2, Part #3, Part #4, Part #5, Part #6, Part #7, Part #8, Part #9, Part #10, Part #11 and Part 12 of this series. I highly recommend for you to read through these first to better understand this post.

Last time we discussed how the oiligarchs amassed riches beyond anyone's imagination and how they invented the public relations system.

AAA central.JPG

Today we will learn how how the oiligarchs centralized the education system.

At the end of the last article we were talking about how society started to look towards John D. Rockefeller for a solution to the financial problem which gripped the nation after Rockefeller's monopoly took over.

The people wanted money but Rockefeller wanted to find a way to profit from this "redistribution of wealth".


The Plan Was Simple

The money would be "donated" to public institutions which will be used to bend society to John D. Rockefeller's will.

America during this time (19th century) was a nation that prized education, with a literacy rate of 93% to 100%!


Decentralized Education

Before the first laws were filed in Massachusetts in 1852, education in America was private and completely decentralized.

The classes mostly consisted of classical education, including the study of Greek, Latin and a thorough delve into history and Science.


Oiligarchs & Free Thinking Individuals Do Not Mix

A nation with free thinkers who could question their authority looked grim to the monopolist oiligarchs. What they really needed was a entire class of society to become obedient workers.

This is where John D. Rockefeller stepped in.

University of Chicago Auditorium, present day.

Establishment Of The University of Chicago.

Who would come to aid Rockefeller in creating his plan for his controlled, centralized education system? It was Frederick Taylor Gates, a Baptist minister that Rockefeller just happened to befriend in 1889.

Together they established the University of Chicago. Rockefeller decided establish the General Education Board to help implement Gate's vision for his "country school of tomorrow" in 1902 with a $180 million endowment!

giphy (1).gif

The Change Did Not Go Unnoticed

The influence that Rockefeller had on the educational system was felt almost immediately and other monopolists decided to get their piece of the cake as well.

The other monopolists wanted all schooling systems to approach the discussion of philanthropy from the same angle.

Next time we will learn how the monopolists oiligarchs established a tax-free foundation which they used to manipulate the education system.

Sources for images is provided by clicking on the image itself.

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Oil is the necessary for human being, and it's so sad to be control by a cartel organisation,OPEC.

It must be decentralized!

Ahh I remember watching this video from corbett report. was a pretty good intro to the petro dollar

Yes the story goes much further once the petro dollar is introduced...

Thanks for commenting 👍

Oh wow man! I'm very interested in watching the documentary.
Some years ago I watch Cowspiracy and that changed my point of view about so many things. Hope this could to the same!



I see that on Netflix, now I have to watch it. Did it alter how you eat?

Not really. Of course, I eat less meat now, and much more vegetables. But I do not know if I can become a vegan. I was accustomed to a meat-based diet. Do you understand? Of course I eat less pork and beef, and more white meat (poultry), but it's something I can not do. I've tried replacing beef with soy and I did not like it at all.

Slowly you create your own reality 😀

@t-miles If you are interested in a good read about meat eating/vegans you should read The Ethical Carnivore.

I am currently reading it and it offers a very unique perspective to the whole meat eating controversy.

Also, if you like to watch documentaries like cowspiracy which expose the lies we are told by the state about food you will very much enjoy watching the documentary in my post because it exposes the lies we are told about our energy systems.

Glad you're putting this out there. It's important people understand how we got to this point. Even if there is little we can do to fix it now. Giving our children to the state was probably our biggest mistake. It could be argued it was the central bank, but I doubt it could have maintained control of the money if they hadn't seized control of education first.

“In our dreams, people yield themselves with perfect docility to our molding hands. The present education conventions of intellectual and character education fade from their minds and unhampered by tradition we work our own good will upon a grateful and responsive folk. We shall not try to make these people or any of their children into men of learning or philosophers, or men of science. We have not to raise up from them authors, educators, poets or men of letters, great artists, painters, musicians, nor lawyers, doctors, statesmen, politicians, creatures of whom we have ample supply. The task is simple. We will organize children and teach them in a perfect way the things their fathers and mothers are doing in an imperfect way."

~ First mission statement of the J.D. Rockefeller-endowed General Education Board in 1906

I truly despise the education system that we are currently using worldwide. After quitting school I started digging deeper, we all do.

While being forced to learn a bunch of crap while you need to pass a final exam you will most likely not become a truth seeker! You will become another obedient worker drone which helps to keep the political bullshit hive going!

Badass quote! I love it!

Effective philanthropy, the use of education in guiding our society is very effective.

The funding of studies and deciding which ideas get support changes what we believe is "real".
Makes me wonder how many ideas have been shelved for lack of funds.

Everything starts from education these days @tawasi.

When you start being educated by the state they will try their hardest to make you obedient, it's so damn simple!

"Shelved" is the right word, alternative science is frowned upon, people need to have a centralized entity which "teaches them what is right".

I was just reading about the history of "sunset towns" here in oregon, turns out the Klan had one of their goons as governor of the state back in the late 1800s, he ordered compulsory education in the state in an effort to force Klan values on the youth of oregon, the supreme court struck it down.

To me modern education, largely is indoctrination. People end up paying therapists to help them overcome the trauma caused by modern education.

I completely agree @tawasi

I am very much glad to have left the education system after junior high! Steem is a much better school 😅

Nothing has been shelved for lack of funds. Everything has funding if they want. Money is after all an illusion of power. Things are only shelved for disagreeing with the powers that be. Real is what they teach you in their school or college. When was the last time you actually questioned what was real?

The powers that be have no compassion. That is why I quit school and joined Steemit!

I question it everyday bruddah @lordsnek.

Great post very informative. Indeed all to many people are oblivious to these changes. But the change is coming for decentralisation. Didn't know corbbet report was on here great to see. Can't keep up with the platform post lost all the time 💯🐒

Steemit is quite a vast ocean isn't it 😜

Glad you enjoyed! Hopefully the decentralization comes soon!

Indeed! Oh its coming very soon that 100th monkey :) 💯🐒

Decetralization is the only answer to distribute wealth evenly however sometimes even decentralized get control by a central power.

We need a well working, consensus based algorithm which hopefully is immune to corruption! Thanks for joining the conversation.

Really Informative post is there any book available on this topic in the market I want to read one think that was impressive in this article according to me was A nation without thinking because that nation is useless which not contain thinking thanks @chron for this post keep it up 👆

I do not believe there is a book but you can read both Why & How Big Oil Conquered the world here at Corbett Report's website.

The plan is that the petrodollar should fall while the biggest economic bubble will burst and the domino effect will take place and all the other European banks will follow the dive into the void. As the Ordo ab Chao takes place -action,reaction, solution, molded into the hegelian dialectic between the masses and leaders, One shall come with a solution and as China now is investing in PtroYuan, it will be the next logical step, backed by BRICS, and the shadow wold bank, the new bank standing on the pillars or Russia and China will be ruled by the same entities that have always ruled the current monetary system. Don't get fooled by the distractions and the current and coming engineered financial crisis!rmb_world_currency_billboard.png

We will all stay clear and see it coming! Thanks for the heads up!

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thank You @chron, you shared great post, now we are waiting monopolists oiligarchs.

You are very welcome! Stay tuned for more 👍

He did not care one bit for anyone else than himself! What a snake!

very interesting.will surely get on the trail and learn how the rockefellers gained control of the oil industry.

Just hit follow here 👍

It is a very interesting story indeed!

As they say an idea can change your life.

Everything we do starts with an idea 👍

I believe that we need renewable energy before it's too late i.e. sun, air, water, electricity, robotics, wind, eccetra

Renewable energy will be an integral part of the future! Thanks for commenting 😀

Nice comment

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Im new here thankyou for following and upvote i follow and upvote too


This is called spam! I am downvoting you.

Please stop begging for votes bro!

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