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RE: How Big Oil Conquered the World: An Informative Documentary About A Global Conspiracy! Part #13

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Effective philanthropy, the use of education in guiding our society is very effective.

The funding of studies and deciding which ideas get support changes what we believe is "real".
Makes me wonder how many ideas have been shelved for lack of funds.


Everything starts from education these days @tawasi.

When you start being educated by the state they will try their hardest to make you obedient, it's so damn simple!

"Shelved" is the right word, alternative science is frowned upon, people need to have a centralized entity which "teaches them what is right".

I was just reading about the history of "sunset towns" here in oregon, turns out the Klan had one of their goons as governor of the state back in the late 1800s, he ordered compulsory education in the state in an effort to force Klan values on the youth of oregon, the supreme court struck it down.

To me modern education, largely is indoctrination. People end up paying therapists to help them overcome the trauma caused by modern education.

I completely agree @tawasi

I am very much glad to have left the education system after junior high! Steem is a much better school 😅

Nothing has been shelved for lack of funds. Everything has funding if they want. Money is after all an illusion of power. Things are only shelved for disagreeing with the powers that be. Real is what they teach you in their school or college. When was the last time you actually questioned what was real?

The powers that be have no compassion. That is why I quit school and joined Steemit!

I question it everyday bruddah @lordsnek.

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