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RE: How Big Oil Conquered the World: An Informative Documentary About A Global Conspiracy! Part #13

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Oh wow man! I'm very interested in watching the documentary.
Some years ago I watch Cowspiracy and that changed my point of view about so many things. Hope this could to the same!




I see that on Netflix, now I have to watch it. Did it alter how you eat?

Not really. Of course, I eat less meat now, and much more vegetables. But I do not know if I can become a vegan. I was accustomed to a meat-based diet. Do you understand? Of course I eat less pork and beef, and more white meat (poultry), but it's something I can not do. I've tried replacing beef with soy and I did not like it at all.

Slowly you create your own reality 😀

@t-miles If you are interested in a good read about meat eating/vegans you should read The Ethical Carnivore.

I am currently reading it and it offers a very unique perspective to the whole meat eating controversy.

Also, if you like to watch documentaries like cowspiracy which expose the lies we are told by the state about food you will very much enjoy watching the documentary in my post because it exposes the lies we are told about our energy systems.

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