How Big Oil Conquered the World: An Informative Documentary About A Global Conspiracy! Part #6

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I recently watched How Big Oil Conquered the World.

This was the most eye-opening documentary I have ever watched and I highly recommend for you to subscribe to Corbett Report on Youtube and follow Corbett's website to stay informed on the elitist's plans to take over our world!


@corbettreport is also posting on Steemit, Corbett Report is one of my personal favorite independent news outlets.

I have already released Part #1, Part #2, Part #3, Part #4 and Part #5 of this series, I highly recommend for you to read through these first to better understand this post.

Today I will inform you of the story of how Henry Ford received help from multiple anonymous people to try and take down Standard Oil!

A Rebellion From Ford

The fuel of the future is going to come from fruit like that sumach out by the road, or from apples, weeds, sawdust – almost anything. There is fuel in every bit of vegetable matter that can be fermented

Henry Ford told the New York Times.

Farmers, who saw this as a great oppertunity, lobbied for repeal of the $2.08 per gallon tax for alcohol.

This was a tough task as this was during the civil war and the alcohol tax was used to fund war.

Divide And Conquer

Other individuals who were seeking to end the oiligarch's rule over the world's oil monopoly saw fuel alcohol as the key to disruption.

With support from unknown individuals, President Teddy Roosevelt spoke to the US Congress in 1906:

The Standard Oil Company has, largely by unfair or unlawful methods, crushed out home competition. It is highly desirable that an element of competition should be introduced by the passage of some such law as that which has already passed the House, putting alcohol used in the arts and manufactures upon the free list. LINK

This seems like a fair point in my opinion, in a free market all goods and and their competitors should have the same regulation. This slightly hinders monopolization.


Is This Really Happening?

for a time corn ethanol was 14 cents a gallon while gasoline was 22 cents a gallon.

The possibility of a decentralized source of oil, which was unmonopolizable swept the nation.

However, the oiligarchs did not want this. They devised a plan to stop their competitor!


What Do I Think?

This was a very informative documentary.

This is part 6 of an ongoing series, read part 5 HERE read part 4 HERE! Read part 3 HERE! Read part 2 HERE! Read part 1 HERE!

Today we followed the story of how people who disagreed with Standard Oil's vision tried to implement ethyl alcohol worldwide.

Next time we will learn how Standard Oil crushed their enemy: Ethyl Alchohol.

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  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment

This will be a dark future @partho0202.

Hopefully we can somehow claim the water reservoirs that are being bought by corporations at the moment!

Power to the people ✊

  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment

Maybe Crypto will make some good people rich enough to do this?

Humans love thinking short term 😉

Boom shakalaka! I want me some of that corn ethanol!

I heard they even found a way to run cars on water? But no way was this gonna go mainstream!

One thing I disagree with in our modern society is the monetization of power and control over us.

This is one of the main reasons we have oil, anyways, check out this video about water fueled cars in Japan.

And then I found this:

Apparently a water powered car creator was murdered by the Illuminati 😳

According to Popular Mechanics, Henry Ford’s first Model-T was built to run on hemp gasoline and the CAR ITSELF WAS CONSTRUCTED FROM INDUSTRIAL HEMP!

On his large estate, Ford was photographed among his hemp fields.

The car, ‘grown from the soil,’ had hemp plastic panels whose impact strength was 10 times stronger than steel.

A quick trip back in time to around the turn of the 20th century companies like DuPont created chemicals that were used in processing of paper; DuPont also created chemicals used for pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers, which were used extensively by the cotton industry (cotton is MUCH more chemical and water intensive compared to hemp). While this was going on, William Randolph Hearst invested in timber and mills to produce the paper for his newspaper, which was the largest chain in the U.S. at the time. His investments in the timber industry were backed by Mellon Bank.

The U.S. Secretary of the Treasury at that time was Andrew Mellon, who happened to own Mellon Bank (and was one of the backers for DuPont as well). Mellon’s niece was married to Harry Anslinger who, incidentally, was connected to the alcohol prohibition campaign. He was out of a job (as were everyone else in that sector of the federal government) after the alcohol prohibition ended. To keep his family employed, Mellon created a new division of the federal government, the Bureau of Narcotics, and made Harry Anslinger the new head of that program.

While that's a different story for a different day,

I feel that we have big oil & friends to thank for state of our dying planet.

Awesome post. Keep it up!

That is very interesting. I never knew there was a hemp car!

Yes, these monsters who we call bankers and elitists have done much harm! Let's hope something can be done to reverse these atrocities.

Thank you for this informational comment @gethemped!

Slowly and steadily we will be moving to oil less society. With decentralization due to blockchain the trend will continue. New methods will come to reality of harnessing power. In India ethanol usage is increasing as huge sugar production happens in India. I am sure many countries would invest in new technology to reduce the reliance on oil. With focus on solar energy India government is also trying to bring policy for electric vehicle. This will further reduce oil import bill. Going Forward After 2030 or so India's import of oil will start to reduce.

That sounds very positive!

I hope the world will learn from India!

Thanks for commenting. Stay eco!

Yes eco related market will keep on growing because there is pressure on govt to reduce current account deficit. Oil widens countries cureent account deficit. Basically your money flows out of the country more than coming in.. So when Decentralization of fuel generation for example using electric vehicle charged frm solar panel is complete decentralization. This will happen sooner or later everywhere. Thats why i m betting on wepower coin and power ledger coin heavily.


Oil is good for a nations economy. In my country, oil is the backbone of our economy

This is the story everywhere!

Without oil, most countries do not have a working economy these days,

Thanks for commenting 😀

Wow!! Your documentry about conspiracy is one of the best post so far on steemit.. Have gone through all part of your series..and also the point you talked about stabdard oil vision
Was really amazing and educative .thanks to you @chron

I think I have something you will like

Your Upvote will be encouraging thanks and God bless

Glad you have enjoyed how big oil conquered the world @ozumba!

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I like that,
just followed and resteemed your post, Follow me back and upvote my posts

Glad you are enjoying the series!

Big Oil is a very important subject.

your blog is amazing

Your comment is amazing

I will be so glad when our world wide need for oil dies.

Me too! Let's hope it happens soon.

Keep it Up dear hope you will do good I upvote you and follow you

I will do good! Thank you dear you are a very good dear, dear!

well i must say this is well researched, keep sharing like that,

Thank you. I will never stop 😉

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Wow! Very great! Thank you for the idea!

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