"Ethical" Veganism

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This was made in response to some comments I received on my latest video , like this one:


People need to look beyond the walls of the boxes they've put themselves in and consider that they don't know everything. The entire world is being modified, including animals, by people who seem to think they can control life and bend it to their will.

This will, no doubt, come back to bite them, and us, if we allow their mad science experiments to continue.

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Haha nice! It’s clown world. However watch how a typical vegan (not me lol) under the hive mind will flip your argument.


By that logic, I guess if we stop breeding humans we’ll have an even better solution. Think of all the plants and animals we can save.

I’m personally on a path of eating less (to no) meat, but knowing your farmers and buying local, from small sustainable farms is the best current solution for all types of diets.

I very much appreciate the ethical concerns of vegans. I have never personally killed an animal to eat. I don’t know if I could. I hope I never feel I have to.

Plants absolutely feel love and fear. It has been proven by science. Denial of this in order to claim ethical superiority is flawed.

I was just watching something today about living on the sun, and air alone, taking energy from no other living things. I believe this is our evolutionary path.

Well that’s actually what is happening. Human breeding is dropping and the lab grown human will be the ‘solution’.

Anyways, I agree with buying local from a farmer. That’s a better option no matter what you eat.

Terrifying solution. More control for the rulers once they control that.

Yup. It’s coming, and sooner than later.

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