Dear Vegans, About those plant-based foods...

in #vegan3 years ago

Great video - I want BIOGOOP for lunch!

LoL good ol @frot. Love ya buddy!

Excellent work as always. But I think singling out vegans is a mistake. This food is intended for everyone. By singling one group of people will limit your reach.

Although I agree 100% with you. I don’t think guilting about bacteria will work because vegan ethics is based on the sentience and/or a nervous system of a living thing. So things like plants and bacteria are not included. Again 100% with ya. But I wouldn’t play the guilt game. All the other stuff was great though.

But this info is applicable to all the people. Vegans are not awake, they are just sheeple that eat like sheep.

I’m different because I’m awake and vegan. I avoid all that plant based crap and eat what whole organic plants (grown myself if possible). There’s a vast difference between my health and these junk food vegans and even more so for the people who eat SAD (Standard American Diet).

Anyways, just sharing my thoughts. You do you! Love you always!

Hope to speak to you again on another Jeff c and friends.

So, I called out to the vegans because I figured that if any box full of people might be able to sympathize with my point in all this, that ALL life needs to be respected, it might be these people who care so much for animals.

Perhaps I was a bit snarky, but I got this message in my head one day and I thought I'd try the outreach of a 'Dear Vegans' thumbnail and title, since youtub doesn't seem to want to let me talk to these people on their platform.

I've been looking for a good while at the ways tiny life has been used and abused by these psychos/mind-controlled dupes parading around as scientists, and this is such a big deal. I'd elaborate now but I am exhausted.

I'm glad that you aren't one of them, eating the known biotech. It's so bad really, they've polluted so much of what people take in. Big shocker that people are so screwed up these days!

I'm going to do my best to be on the next Jeff C and Friends. It is always a great time!
Looking forward to chatting with you again soon.

I hear ya. I love the work you do. I will do my best to explain to the vegan community (because I have direct access to them) the reality of what’s going on with food today.

Have a great weekend, talk to ya soon. 🙂

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