Be Afraid Of Your Food!

in #food4 years ago

Wow good information

Nice work @camille1234 I’ve heard about the salmonella vaccine before. But I have not been paying attention to food recalls.

But from your collection news sources it’s certainly seems like the usual Hegelian dialectic.

Also i agree that most, if not all these food contamination’s are legit, knowing how unhealthy our system of food production is.

People absolutely need to reconnect with their local farmers. I and all my activists friends have been saying this since we were fighting the food system back when March against monsanto was just kicking off. Local farmers are online, anyone can start a conversation with one. Matter of fact my wife is supposed to meet up with one of our farmers friends today, to buy some local organic honey.

Anyways, great video and I’m subscribed to ya now.

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