By that logic, I guess if we stop breeding humans we’ll have an even better solution. Think of all the plants and animals we can save.

I’m personally on a path of eating less (to no) meat, but knowing your farmers and buying local, from small sustainable farms is the best current solution for all types of diets.

I very much appreciate the ethical concerns of vegans. I have never personally killed an animal to eat. I don’t know if I could. I hope I never feel I have to.

Plants absolutely feel love and fear. It has been proven by science. Denial of this in order to claim ethical superiority is flawed.

I was just watching something today about living on the sun, and air alone, taking energy from no other living things. I believe this is our evolutionary path.

Well that’s actually what is happening. Human breeding is dropping and the lab grown human will be the ‘solution’.

Anyways, I agree with buying local from a farmer. That’s a better option no matter what you eat.

Terrifying solution. More control for the rulers once they control that.

Yup. It’s coming, and sooner than later.

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