Wow! - do they really sell that stuff in America?

I'd never even heard of it. In fact we are so suspicious of any food from America we give it a lot of extra checking out before eating any.

If it's not 100% natural we wouldn't touch it. Which doesn't leave much!

Oh, friend, there are SO many of these companies out there, popping up all over the world!
Same shit, different name.

While others in the space have made patties, soy slabs, or reconstituted products, Sunfed is the only company in the world that can make hunky toothy whole chunks of big meaty pieces with long succulent fibres and a realistic meaty texture.

Not that you'd eat this stuff, but it looks like it is there!


But see how they say it will be sold in Woolworths supermarkets?

We live about 100 meters away from what was once a Woolworths supermarket. But in 2011 they were all renamed Countdown in NZ and are only in Aussie. So they won't be selling that stuff in NZ in Woolworths!

I was gobsmacked that was a NZ company - veganism is looked upon as a bit like rabies here - I know Steemit is crawling with vegans, but they are as rare as fake hens teeth here...

NZ likes fake milk's growth potential - 7 Jan 2019!

With its dairy industry generating about $14 billion a year in export earnings, New Zealand could rightly be considered the last place actively promoting or developing milk substitutes.
Not so. NZ’s food and beverage sector and researchers are making the most of the nation’s food processing expertise to build specialty platforms in the plant-based milk alternative market.

"New-age transumers" - Oh you just have to love that!

Bet you a dollar these guys are biotech too. From what I've seen, with an ingredients list like that, they fit the bill.

angel cheese.PNG

There's probably a lot more than just these...

The Beyond Meat products in my local co-op are on sale often. At the board meeting a few days ago I again brought up my concerns about these products on the shelves. They told me that they sell cases of this "food". It would be bad for business if they stopped carrying the synthetic biology remade nature frankenfood. That the people love it! More like the people are ignorant as to what they are eating...

I was asked by someone at the annual meeting to give a class about what I've seen. I've also thought about asking for a table by the door to do a member survey at different times through the week, asking if people have tried it and if they know what it really is.

Perhaps I can make a great video to show there, like my first presentation but better, and then people could use it at their co-ops!

People should understand what they are eating.

I need to get one of these!

Despite us having a food business and being a very lax WAPF chapter, I've never really looked at any of this - there is a lot more vegan "dairy" than I realised - YUK!

We used to get angry emails from vegans but they seemed to disappear about 10 years ago, and Deb has an elderly vegetarian aunt (92) who secretly buys some animal products like cod liver oil from us

Warn your friends!

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