My horrible Experience; The day I forgot to brush my teeth

in #life2 years ago (edited)

On this very day.

Should I said faithful day or unfortunate day?

Well I forgot to brush my teeth.
I was in a hurry to attend 8am class. Lucky me, I arrived early. All my friends are happy to see me. But as they came closer to hug me, they left immediately. Normally we would gist, but this time around, no gist.

It was when my crush came to me for Maths explanation I knew something was wrong.
Before I could explain how to solve the question, she said she understand already.
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And she kept covering her nose, she asked me what type of toothpaste I used. Before I could answer her, she gave me money to buy another tooth paste.


Don't forget to brush your teeth.

More interesting stories coming.

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How will you feel when you forgot to brush your teeth?

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happens to the best of us

Will you turn back home when it happens or you will continue like that for the day?

Interesting! Thank you

You are welcome

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That's why it's always good to pack a kit. That will surely come in handy especially in situations like that.

Lol, you won't take kit to class

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