Let me introduce my American horror movie.

True story

Introducing my true horror movie.
I am Caleb Kelly from Nigeria.
My story below 👇👇👇

  • So that is how after 4 years and so many hustle, I finally got American Visa.

Bye bishes.

  • After staying about two weeks in USA, One of my friend said we should go to a concert.
    Look at me pancaking my face 2377-1-894a43aada88d88dbd92ddfbc89d0517.gif

Somebody could meet mr right there, if you know you know?

  • We get there and everything was bubbling but a fight just breaks out.

And I carried my gossiping ass there.

  • Suddenly, it turns into a riot and everyone are busy shouting 'Black Power' and 'Fuck the Police'

Wait what?

  • Followed by 'We are going back To Africa. To Wakanda'

Who is following you people?

  • Out of nowhere, I saw placards with "Fuck Trump"

what!!!! God, my 4 years hustle???

  • Now police are coming and protesters are shouting "Take one, Take all"

What!!! This is deportation 😭😭😭😭

  • As I am the blackest of all, the police people have spotted me already.

  • As I am trying to run away, one policeman grabbed me.

I started crying and telling him how I love Donald Trump and the NYPD.

  • My brain is going into overdrive as I am thinking maybe if I form madness he will leave me alone.

Trust Nollywood, it can come in handy

  • Anyway, I am at Muritala Muhammad Airport (Lagos State Nigeria) now with my "Fuck The Police" Placard

They gave me one as souvenir.

** That was how they ended my plans, now how will I go back to America?

👏👍😂 😭 🔃


So sorry to hear your plight! Perhaps come to Canada 🇨🇦?

The hustle is not easy, let me try again, maybe in the next 4 years I will be able to come.

Lol,😂😂😂 this is so terrible tho! Welcome back home!😘

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