I Want To Break Free

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Since I was a kid, I knew my life was already different from my friends. My family was different, my tastes were different, my maturity. Not saying I was more especial than them, just unlike. In fact, we all are, but not everyone know that.

For years I blamed myself for swimming against the tide, but a couple of years ago I started embracing who I am, like, enjoy and can do, instead of sabotaging myself being what I can not be.

For example, my best skills are related to creation/creativity, mostly things I can create with my own hands. I used to feel guilty for not being happy in a office, or being tremendously incapable of talking to clients and making business. In my own words, I was a waste of space in Universe. What a silly thing to say to yourself!

In order to see my life in a different way, I had to accept I was different and that's it. What I learnt from it was there was plenty of ways to feel blissful.

I’ve been feeling this need to break free quite strong lately. Do I really need to account for what I do in life? People really have the power of controlling my destiny? Am I really letting society, shame or fear control myself and apart me from my own happiness? Do I deserve this punishment? And do you?


I truly believe that we as humanity need to start breaking paradigms right now. See ourselves and everyone else as builders and not buildings. We are not solid and we shouldn't be, we are unique beings living in a eternal metamorphosis.

I remember a story of a friend of a friend that used to say she would enjoy a list of things when she’d retire. She retired then, and died a week later.

What are we waiting for to live? And what are we living for? Are we doing what we want? Are we being slaves of expectations? Are we challenging ourselves? Are we opening our minds enough to see life in another perspective? Do we have peace of mind? Are we counting on luck? Are contributing for a better future, city, world? What are we doing with our lives?

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Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings! I think many of us feel trapped as well. I can relate with you in that I too have swam against the tide. The road has not been easy, but who knows, your fortune could be different than mine... Anyway I wish you clarity of mind, a deep intuition and boundless courage!!

i am just the opposite of you!! i am an office guy and all my life i wish if i could be creative!! lol!!

You can be whatever you are :) I was an office girl once too haha cheers

I cannot agree more. If you think about how much %tage of your life you are doing because it is expected of you - things which limit your journey to your true identity. I was thinking about putting my thought in a post some time which go in a similar direction - believes we have and how they limit us. School is one thing hammering those believes into our heads but friends and family as well.

With your post you show you are already ahead of most people and probably somewhere where lot of people won't get in their life time. Keep on also in the tough times.

First, write about it!
Second, we are taught to be as limited and controlled as possible. Once you are aware of it, it's hard not to rebel against your own old believes. We not only owe ourselves a change, as to the future generations. I like sharing this thoughts, because I always find people who are in the same page or people who are trying to cross the edge. Hopefully it'll touch someone's heart. Thank you!

Thank you for encouraging me to write about it. I will do.

I am wondering - have you read and studied on that topic somehow or are you speaking purely out of life experience?

This was a insight I had today while thinking about my future. But I do love this kind of subject. Love everything that encourages people having a meaningful and healthier life.

Great - Than this was a very good day for you finding such thoughts.

I am in a thought process of how future should look like myself - that is also why I directly resonated with your post and felt connected. Thanks again.

I wish you more of those days and am looking forward to read about it.

You are really good Bianca, the way you express your feelings and the way you think out of the box.. you go girl! You are going to get the life you want and deserve.. that’s for sure! 😘

Oh, I appreciate it very much, glad to read your words and have your support! ❤️

We are all different and march to our own drummer. Follow your heart Bianca, and do what will make you happy. You won't regret it! You are not a lemming, so go out there and make your own path!

Thank you for all your sweet words and support, I appreciate it really much! ❤️

Many questions... It's so beautiful to see people assuming who they are! I have been trying, above all, to assume the life I want to live that is also quite different from the one that the society says we have to have.

Every time I discover something new about myself, I have the satisfaction of discovering myself on the one hand, and on the other hand, a strange sensation that there is still a great deal to be discovered.

It feels so crazy, right? It's amazing and at the same time thrilling! And there's still much more to find out, like we were covered in layers that don't belong to us and now we're unwrapping ourselves!

Omg couldn't have said it any better

STUNNING post @bkdbkd, what I love most about your writing is how you just get to the point! Very deep and meaningful concepts without all the boring overdescribing.

For years I blamed myself for swimming against the tide, but a couple of years ago I started embracing who I am, like, enjoy and can do, instead of sabotaging myself being what I can not be.

This bit nearly brought tears to my eyes, because I know a lot of us go through the same thing, the funny deception that our value is found in our sameness when really it's in our DIFFERENCE!<3

So glad you're stepping out, being YOU and sharing that wonderful woman with us here on steemit

That's it dear, finding out we're bigger than the box we were put in, that feels tremendously great. I know you're in the same page, so amazing to got to know you. Thank you so much for everything!

You sharing your growth insipires me (and im sure TONS of others) to be better, keep chasing that personal improvement, clarity and truth girl! Thankful to know you!

We are destroying life and our lifes with it. We ignore everything that would make us sad or uncomfortable or even worst if its against our future plans, like having a big house 2 cars and a big happy family. As long as the problems are not in our near future who cares what happends after we die. Only joy is to find other people that are at least aware of the s..t we are in. Hope one day one of us aware humans will have the power to do something.. thats my only hope

That's true, materialism is also a distraction to our inner selves. Do we need enough or a lot? Why do we need a lot to fill up the gaps of our soul? Is it necessary? Thanks for your comment!

Materialism is the main cause of human suffering. We will have enough when its too late to have a lot (i know how it sounds but I can not find the right words to explain it). We need materialism because we are laizy. Its easy to enter a store and buy a phone, a expensive one, it makes you feel special and cool (again i know how it sounds but this is what i notice) and part of a community of cool people. Learning something takes time, its difficult and requires all the energy and intelectual skills one has. The satisfaction is of course not even comparable but thats why we live in 2018 with the same problems if not even more problems like war,hunger, racism,global warming and so on..because we go for the easy way. Most of science fiction movies reflect a world that is destroyed, interesting,no? Thats the view we have for the future? Hmm sad

Doing what we love matters. Following what we are passionate about - what makes us tick - our eyes sparkle & our heart beat ... We need to find and follow our "calling" or our "talent" - and if you need to break free to do so then just do it! Like your post ... keep writing!

That's it! We are talented in different ways and I believe we were given those skills so we wouldn't hate working or fighting for ourselves, but we often don't do anything with those gifts. Shame. Thanks!

But I wonder... Why can everyone do what they rally want to do? I mean you work to make ends meet but you also can fight for what you want. Is it a matter of time?

It's a matter of purpose and priorities. Make ends meet matters more than a meaningful life? Can we have both? And it doesn't only apply for jobs, try to think in every thing we do in life that has no principle, or isn't true to what we are.

This is a very insightful post. It causes us to realize that not all of us, if any that we should slave 40 hours a week just to pay the bills but never really being the authentic true self.

Exactly, are we using these 40h working in jobs that makes us happy and true to ourselves, or is just our way to go throughout life. It's a waste of life, we shouldn't do that. Thank you!

Girl you are very smart!

Oh, thank you, that's sweet of you!

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