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RE: I Want To Break Free

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We are destroying life and our lifes with it. We ignore everything that would make us sad or uncomfortable or even worst if its against our future plans, like having a big house 2 cars and a big happy family. As long as the problems are not in our near future who cares what happends after we die. Only joy is to find other people that are at least aware of the s..t we are in. Hope one day one of us aware humans will have the power to do something.. thats my only hope


That's true, materialism is also a distraction to our inner selves. Do we need enough or a lot? Why do we need a lot to fill up the gaps of our soul? Is it necessary? Thanks for your comment!

Materialism is the main cause of human suffering. We will have enough when its too late to have a lot (i know how it sounds but I can not find the right words to explain it). We need materialism because we are laizy. Its easy to enter a store and buy a phone, a expensive one, it makes you feel special and cool (again i know how it sounds but this is what i notice) and part of a community of cool people. Learning something takes time, its difficult and requires all the energy and intelectual skills one has. The satisfaction is of course not even comparable but thats why we live in 2018 with the same problems if not even more problems like war,hunger, racism,global warming and so on..because we go for the easy way. Most of science fiction movies reflect a world that is destroyed, interesting,no? Thats the view we have for the future? Hmm sad

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