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RE: I Want To Break Free

in #life3 years ago

STUNNING post @bkdbkd, what I love most about your writing is how you just get to the point! Very deep and meaningful concepts without all the boring overdescribing.

For years I blamed myself for swimming against the tide, but a couple of years ago I started embracing who I am, like, enjoy and can do, instead of sabotaging myself being what I can not be.

This bit nearly brought tears to my eyes, because I know a lot of us go through the same thing, the funny deception that our value is found in our sameness when really it's in our DIFFERENCE!<3

So glad you're stepping out, being YOU and sharing that wonderful woman with us here on steemit


That's it dear, finding out we're bigger than the box we were put in, that feels tremendously great. I know you're in the same page, so amazing to got to know you. Thank you so much for everything!

You sharing your growth insipires me (and im sure TONS of others) to be better, keep chasing that personal improvement, clarity and truth girl! Thankful to know you!