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RE: I Want To Break Free

in #life3 years ago

I cannot agree more. If you think about how much %tage of your life you are doing because it is expected of you - things which limit your journey to your true identity. I was thinking about putting my thought in a post some time which go in a similar direction - believes we have and how they limit us. School is one thing hammering those believes into our heads but friends and family as well.

With your post you show you are already ahead of most people and probably somewhere where lot of people won't get in their life time. Keep on also in the tough times.


First, write about it!
Second, we are taught to be as limited and controlled as possible. Once you are aware of it, it's hard not to rebel against your own old believes. We not only owe ourselves a change, as to the future generations. I like sharing this thoughts, because I always find people who are in the same page or people who are trying to cross the edge. Hopefully it'll touch someone's heart. Thank you!

Thank you for encouraging me to write about it. I will do.

I am wondering - have you read and studied on that topic somehow or are you speaking purely out of life experience?

This was a insight I had today while thinking about my future. But I do love this kind of subject. Love everything that encourages people having a meaningful and healthier life.

Great - Than this was a very good day for you finding such thoughts.

I am in a thought process of how future should look like myself - that is also why I directly resonated with your post and felt connected. Thanks again.

I wish you more of those days and am looking forward to read about it.