Learn And Earn Contest Entry : S = Soursop

in #learn2earn5 years ago

Do you know that the human body can be acidic? When the internal body acidic, then diseases can strive very well. On the other hand, when the pH of the body is tilted towards the Alkaline scale, then our internal body enjoys more healthy living.


To achieve a more Alkaline body system, there are foods and especially fruits that can help the body system. One of such is SOURSOP. Let's consider some...

Benefits of Soursop

  1. Soursops can help fight Cancer cells.

  2. Soursops fights bacteria.

  3. Although sweet in taste, soursops can actually reduce blood sugar levels according to research.

  4. Soursops has Antioxidants and other health benefits found on this link .


That's all for the alphabet S. I will love to nominate @jennyluv to join the contest. The requirements of the contest can be seen on this link to the original post .




Thanks for your entry.

The fruit has amazing health benefits.

I can get you some if you want.

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